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Please join us in this campaign: "Air, Water, Soil for Life”

Since our area started dealing with industrial and contamination issues, we have come to realize that the oversight we would assume was in place to protect the environment and its inhabitants is not what we thought it would be. It would seem that set-out guidelines are not necessarily monitored or enforced. Our goal is to bring together the many small groups fighting for issues that impact the three basic building blocks for life; air, water and soil.

Online Petition: "Air Water Soil for Life"

Printable Version of Petition
Signed Petitions can be dropped off at; Hair Passion 517 Marion Street (Closed Sundays and Monday)
204 237-1137
Open Tues-Fri 9:00-6:00 PM, Sat. 9:00-4:00pm

If you have a group that would like to join this effort, please feel free to use the image to the right. Right click the image and save.

Please also feel free to contact by email info@ssbra.ca

FUNDRAISING Click here for more Info

For More extensive Soil testing and Air Testing

We are still trying to get more testing done, vegetable samples to date remain untested.

Complaints relating to; Noise, Odour, Dust, Explosions, Shaking of home or business, Fire, Fluff, and other related disturbances

Complaints? New online form or use the email list provided below
Feel more comfortable having our Association maintain a database?

All complaints will be forwarded to the Department of Sustainable Development


Government Complaint form:
Please ensure to send to the attention of; 
Department of Sustainable Development;
Minister of Sustainable Development
E-mail: minsdev@leg.gov.mb.ca  
Yvonne Hawryliuk
E-mail: Yvonne.Hawryliuk@gov.mb.ca  
Krista Olafsson
E-mail: Krista.olafsson@gov.mb.ca  
Julie Froese E-mail: Julie.Froese@gov.mb.ca  
Department of Sustainable Development Ph: (204) 945-7104
Emergency Number: (204) 944-4888
Please ensure to cc your elected officials on any complaints so that they are aware of the issues, e-mails listed below.
Feel free to cc our Residents Association on any complaints: info@ssbra.ca
Premier Brian Pallister Phone: (204) 945-3714
Dougald Lamont (St. Boniface-MLA) Phone: (204) 289-1511
Phone: (204) 792-8806
E-mail: dougald.lamont@leg.gov.mb.ca
Mayor Brian Bowman Phone: (204) 986-5665 E-mail: mayor@winnipeg.ca
Matt Allard (St. Boniface-Councillor)
Phone: (204) 396-4636
E-mail: mattallard@winnipeg.ca
Dan Vandal (St. Boniface-MP) Phone: (204) 289-1795 E-mail: dan.vandal@parl.gc.ca

Please see below for previous work on the Marion Widening and Grade Separation
Also refer to News & Events - Marion and Archibald

The proposed projects will directly affect Happyland Park!
Help Save Happyland Park! Say NO to the Marion Widening and Grade Separation! At the Marion and Archibald intersection.

Our association realizes some change is needed in our area such as an underpass for the train and additional turning lanes at the intersection. However we feel that the current plans and design are overboard for this area and risk doing more damage than good to the area surrounding Marion and Archibald including Happyland Park. There are ways our city planners could plan more realistic solutions with smaller price tags. As their current plan stands it could range from 250 million to 500 million before the cost of 140 expropriations, as we all know city projects never stay on course with their expected budget. Help support us to encourage them to develop more realistic plans and to properly consult with the communities directly impacted by their proposed changes.

SSBRA wants to clarify that we are not against change to our neighbourhood, only that we propose a plan that is not this extensive as we do not deem it, or the cost necessary! We feel funds could be more wisely spent to benefit more areas of the city IF this was used to refurbish the whole railway system. Possibly this is the time for the city to act on incorporating our already in place train system to become our new public transportation system with stations set up throughout the city for easy access. Rather than spending more on BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) this might be a more viable long term option. Using such funds to relocate the necessary tracks outside the city rather than building over and under them. This would solve the problem at more then just one railway crossing. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on this as it really does affect all of us as residents of Winnipeg.





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