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September 3, 2017

Sols toxiques à Saint-Boniface

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La qualité du sol et de l’air à Saint-Boniface sont au coeur des débats ces derniers jours. À qui la responsabilité d’un sol supposément toxique? Une entreprise de recyclage de métal a été ciblée en particulier. Pourtant,…

Expediting soil tests

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Although it’s the bountiful time of year when backyard gardens offer a harvest of healthy vegetables, some residents of south St. Boniface are frightened to eat produce they planted with their own hands. And who can blame them? Several homeowners told a visiting Free Press reporter they are alarmed…

Issue of pollution

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The New Minister for sustainable development of Manitoba, Rochelle Squires, says that it will focus on the issue of pollution in the area of Saint-Boniface, messier, Archibald and Marion.

Minister – Soil Samples

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No statement was made by any member agreeing to wait until the full results of the report were revealed – it was not discussed at the meeting. The only statement that we recall hearing was from Dr Thompson saying these were preliminary and that more analysis was to be made – no instructions were given to anybody regarding the use of the info.

Our group sought out Dr. Shirley Thompson’s help on this issue and worked with her to have their own soil testing performed, even assisting with picking the locations they thought would be of concern. The fact our group had performed its own soil testing was not disclosed until the meeting with Deputy Minister Bruce Gray.

Our group has been bringing up resident concerns with the Department of Sustainable development since August of 2015 and many of the residents feel some of their concerns have been dismissed. We are hoping that Minister Rochelle Squires will provide the leadership necessary to correct this course.…/st-b-soil-samples-now-i…

The newly-appointed Minister of Sustainable Development said department staff will “expedite” its assessment of soil samples taken from a south St. Boniface…

Crop of contamination

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Hearing from the Residents that are experiencing the changes in their quality of life. Why are so many that have the power to act, so silent on this issue?…/crop-of-contamination-i…

For 35 years, Madeleine Vrignon and her husband, Gary Tessier, have grown fruits and vegetables in their South St. Boniface home’s small backyard garden: zucchini, beans, tomatoes, beets and radishes are never far out of reach. But after University of Manitoba associate professor Shirley Thompson re…

August 17, 2017

Air talks with new Government

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Because of the change to a PC government and having been given a short span of time in which to present, SSBRA representatives crammed in as much information about the issue as possible in order to ensure that the new Deputy Minister was informed of as many of the residents’ and local business owners’ concerns as possible.…/you-shouldnt-be-able-to…

August 14, 2017

Residents push for new air-quality tests

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As mentioned in the Winnipeg Free Press article by Aldo Santin, view the full peer review.…

“A second review conducted by Brian Zelt, a professional engineer from Alberta who’s considered an expert in air dispersion modelling, found similar problems with the provincial tests. He concluded “there are several short-comings of the (provincial) study.”
Zelt’s report said the shortcomings he identified in the provincial testing “discredit the air study from being a definitive statement about health or the industrial area emissions.”

A group of south St. Boniface residents and business owners are critical of air-quality testing conducted by provincial staff at a scrap metal operation in their neighbourhood and want the government to redo the tests using an…

March 30, 2017

CBC News Metal Shredder

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Report a ‘waste of money,’ says researcher

“They missed the boat,” said Shirley Thompson, an associate professor in the University of Manitoba’s Natural Resources Institute, who has also worked for Environment Canada.

“They completely compared it to the wrong regulations. They did the wrong analysis.”

Some residents in the Dufresne area of St. Boniface say an industrial metal shredder is putting their health at risk and making their Winnipeg…

May 26, 2016

Concern of Metals in air

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Do we know what is being put in the air in St. Boniface? Pending testing/results to know for sure. Is there lead in our air?
“long-term exposure to lead can cause serious health problems”

Grandfathering Clauses for industry should not bypass environmental protections.

The Audio on this article is worth a listen!

Officials want north Minneapolis metal shredder permit pulled over pollution
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is pushing to revoke the air quality permit of Northern Metal Recycling, saying the firm has misled the agency and is…|By Matt Sepic

Concern of Radioactive Materials

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Another reason to be concerned with Metal Recycling in our city, how do we know they have detectors to prevent radioactive materials from entering their site?…/radioactive-scrap-psc-meta…/

Environmental agencies identify PSC shredder as source of radioactive contamination – RT -…
Scrap shredded in Pennsylvania was later shipped to Ohio.
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