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October 3, 2015

Survey – Residents

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Survey –  402 received

“There is suppose to be at least a 15 foot buffer for any river bank and I don’t see how this could be maintained if Evans is opened. The nearest exit for all streets North of Cusson would obviously be Cusson, and that would be way more traffic then this street should see. Not a good idea!”

“I feel this project is going to change our neighbourhood in a negative way. We don’t want to lose park land & I don’t want my quiet street to now be a busy street.”

Shredder “I work close to this. It smells, have had two fires how many toxins are being put in the air?” “I choose to live in a neighbourhood with old homes, big trees not a freeway and off ramps. I think my property will go down as well.”

“We live on Cusson Street and this project will create increase in traffic. With the water control system on Evans St what impact will this have on Seine River & community?”

“We are concerned there will be a lot of traffic on our street once Evans St. is extend to Cusson St. Our quiet dwelling near the river will be less safe for our children with introduction of so much traffic. Also concerned for the Seine River from a biologists perspective.”

“Contacted Matt Allard, no acknowledgement at all. Decreased home value. Increase traffic, noise pollution, reduced green space, pollution caused by construction b/c their workers treat their jobs sites like garbage disposals. Land shifts & home cracking. Just a simple underpass on Marion under the railway would make most sense. Homes & Businesses would not lose their land. Also have you noticed the only time Archibald & Marion are backed up is from 7:30am-9:30am & 4:30pm-6:00pm or when there is a train. The intersection is not busy enough for this proposal.”

“MMM at public event Archwood School no informative feedback, they are only consultants & not invested in project over long term. There are many phased alternative to address traffic issues that don’t require the costly widening$$/underpass$$. 1) No parking on Archibald, 2) Two westbound turning lanes on Marion, 3) Widen east of Archibald-Land was available for sale for years, 4) Need to clarify environmental impact on Seine River.”

“Family & friends homes ruined 2 lost. Unsafe for kids. Ruining a park. Too small of an area. Will cause more traffic congestion. Will ruin businesses and jobs will be lost. This are is find. Not needed.”

September 26, 2015

Survey – Resident

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394 Surveys received

“Loss of jobs & business. Decrease in property value – no close bus stops for seniors. More traffic and speeding – Less routes in and out of area. Risk for pedestrians & kids crossing Archibald St. More traffic & noise on Evans & Gareau & other side streets.”

“I may lose my job”

“Ruining friends and family’s home on Deniset. Me and my husband drive down Archibald for work we stop at the Tim Hortons and Coop. No Need.”

“Knocking down memories when I lived on Deniset local Time Hortons gas station. Park I bring friends and family kids too. There’s no need for this bridge.”

“Family & friends homes will be affected & lost. Dangerous for children. Park & School zone. Business ruined. Job lost. Stupid & unnecessary. Waste of money.”

“Friends and family will lose their home. Ruining a family area and park. Unsafe for a lot of school aged kids. Too small of an area for this. Un-needed. Waste of money. More Traffic. Change the light timers instead.”

“Ruining family members & friends homes. Ruining a park & family area. Unsafe for children. Too small of an area for such a big change. Pointless. Change the timers/sensors on the lights at Marion & Archibald. Traffic will flow easier.”

“Property value”

“This is the way I take to work everyday no necessary not safe for family’s children. Jobs lost this is liveable no need for Bridge!”

“I find there is no need for this I drive threw there every morning its liveable no point just ruining a neighbourhood, Park/School/Houses/Business.”

September 19, 2015

Survey – Residents

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383 Surveys received

“I moved to this neighbourhood years ago because of its quiet unspoiled nature I would not like to see it change. I also use the greenspace of Happyland park on a daily basis, to exercise my dog.”

September 17, 2015

Survey – Residents

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381 surveys now received

“We Will have much more traffic along our house, which I will not like”

How Affected ? “In Every Way”

“Not really going be affected, will just miss out on a beautiful park and near by pool”

“Love going for walks in beautiful park and really enjoy the pool”

September 16, 2015

Survey – Residents

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377 Surveys now received

“The barrier is an issue, create additional crime, our community becomes hidden. Traffic created by Sage Creek is not our fault. No one put a gun to their heads to move there.”

“Increased traffic on Archibald Speedway”

“Decrease the price of real estate, dirty air, more noise”

“Property valued, heavy traffic, poor access”

“Traffic created by Sage Creek should not affect major changes in our community”

“MMM and Councillor They were very vague could not give an answer off the top of their heads to the cost of the project. My home is over 85 years old. I don’t know how well its going to with stand all this construction one block away from me. Property value will go down on my home. How many years will I have to listen to all the noise during and after construction. I am not in favour. I don’t think its necessary!”

“The cost to pay out all these businesses is crazy! I don’t want any of this to happen. I believe the residents in the area are fine with the way things are. We have lived like this for years. Also funny that “Shindico” is building new condos already on Archibald, knowing he will get paid millions to have them torn down. No one uses rapid transit as it is the whole thing is a waste of money”

“Excess traffic on Gareau and the result and risks to children attending Archwood School. Suggest Extend Elizabeth Rd west to St Mary’s St”

“Traffic on my street”

September 9, 2015

Survey – Residents

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Total survey’s received now at 366

“Concerned about the condition & Unique quality of the neighbourhood”

“No direct access to Archibald, no direct access by emergency services, noise, traffic, pollution, loss of part of park which I use often, no local businesses, less walkable neighbourhood”

Survey – Business

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“Road access, financially impacted & we will lose customers who won’t come here during construction they will go to our competition. No option for us to relocate, there is a lot of money invested here. Why were we not informed? It would be nice to have information and a time line for all this. The construction will be a fiasco!”

September 8, 2015

Survey – Residents

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363 Surveys to date received

“Surprised to see a shredder so close to a residential area. Do not want to destroy our neighbourhood for BRT. Get rid of all train tracks in the city, biggest problem. Use our money to fix roads and pave back lanes, fix what we already have”

“Needs to be rethought”

“I did not know about this project”

“Don’t know about all the expansions and paying extra, if not more taxes”

“We were never informed of this project”

“Why were we not informed, destroys our neighbourhood”

“Increase in Taxes – Removes local businesses – Money that could be used to fix roads”

“My son will have no park and pool, can’t walk dog there anymore, to much noise pollution. Too many people coming to one area still bottleneck at Norwood Bridge. Takes away a lot of access to our area. Move shredder out of the city. It is very hard to filter out gases. There are other solutions to fix this problem perhaps to ease traffic extend Provencher to Lagimodiere”

“Sent email to Matt Allard. His assistant replied, acknowledging receipt of email. Have not heard anything since”

“Currently my back lane is separated from Marion Street by the apartment buildings on Marion Street, just west of the Seine river bridge. This project would remove those apartments, putting my back lane right against Marion street, increasing the noise coming to from Marion street, as well as decreasing my property value due to the increased proximity to Marion street”

“As a young family who just moved to the area, I would hope the MMM Group or the City Councillor will keep it a family neighborhood. That is the whole reason why we moved to this area and we have already had multiple conversations with other neighbors who are planning to move because of these mass projects. Our hopes where to grow into our new home and raise a family. Now we are worried about what might happen to the community and possible decreases in our property value. This is deeply concerning to my fiance and I”

September 7, 2015

Survey – Residents

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“I live in this city. The environmental and health impacts of the urban development decisions we make affect us all”

“Quality of life – noise, environmental toxins”

“My house is one being expropriated not happy about this”

“I lived here since 1927 my father built this house and I cannot believe this is happening to our area. A solution would be to extend Provencher to Lagimodiere, disperse traffic evenly! Stop the shredder from killing us and move it out of the city”

“I lived here since 1927 our father built this house and we are totally against this Freeway and the shredder. Please stop the gridlock and extend Provencher to Lagimodiere and stop wasting my hard earned money on stupidity. Move the shredder out of the city so it doesn’t kill everyone in St. Boniface”

“Taxes go up and property value goes down. Too noisy, more pollution. Disperse the traffic evenly by extending Provencher to Lag and build Louise Bridge. Who wants to pay for all this. We are already the highest taxes in the country”

“I would miss Happyland Park – also lots of extra traffic. It would make more sense to extend Provencher to Lag and build the Louise Bridge, cost a lot less”

“I am moving, a solution to this problem would be to extend Provencher to Lag and build Louise Bridge share the traffic”

“Moving, extend Provencher to Lag, build the Louise Bridge”

“Local resident increase in noise pollution, decrease in property value. Recommend: extend Lagimodiere to Provencher” Husband and Wife with the same comment

“This money could be better spent elsewhere, going to be a big inconvenience while this is going on, felt we weren’t properly informed”

“I am moving a solution to this problem would be to extend Provencher to Lagimodiere and build the Louise Bridge to share traffic”

“It does not appear to be positive”

September 3, 2015

Survey – Residents

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“It affects me now. Just thinking all the people around me will be displaced. I myself was here since 1994”

“Will lose 2 homes Marion & Youville and 2 business sites Warehouse on Marion and on Goulet.”

“My taxes are already ridiculous and now will drastically increase. I commute to downtown via Marion and Archibald on a regular basis. Never did I think that we needed a Freeway. I really enjoy the park and the pool. I’ve used the park and pool for that last 30 years. I enjoy the wildlife”

“It will affect the community”

“Loss of direct access to Archibald, impact to market value on home. Feel BRT is good money wasted, in favour of LRT or commuter rail, do not want a Freeway Monstrosity.”

“I stay with my grandfather in this area, use Happyland Park since I was little. Taking away another pool that so many children use, who’s parents don’t have a car is wrong. Freeway should not be in a neighbourhood”

“Sounds like the City Councillor doesn’t care about our area. We need a new City Councillor. People have lived here a very long time in their small homes, with the cost of homes where will they go??”

“Wondering why a “shredder” was put in city limits(chromium gases that cause cancer). My friend will be losing her home. My children and I travel a fair way to use Happyland Park(we used to live in Windsor Park)”

“I use Happyland Park. I do not want more cancer causing agents, People will lose their homes”

“Loss of access to Archibald, impact to market value, do not want a freeway by house”

“Why ruin a quiet neighbourhood, this is will raise our already high taxes. I come to this area to visit my Papa. This residential area is no the area for a “freeway””

“I have lung disease and the shredder will kill us all(Hexavaliant Chromium) will be released in the air & metal dust to. Why is this out of the city jurisdiction? When it is operating within city limits? Bringing more traffic to our area solves nothing, creates more traffic problems. The city will expropriate 140 of us to build 600 more homes across the street on contaminated land(Canada Packers). This is also becoming a death trap as ambulances, fire trucks cannot reach us. Fix what we have do not build more! Waste of tax payers money. Told by elected officials this is what is good for us, and they are going full steam ahead”

“I never would have thought our elected officials would allow a 10 million dollar shredder in the middle of my neighbourhood that gives off carcinogenic metals dust into the air. Told it was out of city jurisdiction without providing follow up. These councillors should know what is going on in their own area. They should know who to follow up with. We love the park, do not walls or freeway! The underpass is bullsh*t. Open up Provencher to Lagimodiere, build the Louise bridge. Do not spend our hard earned money on this stupidity”

“Getting to and from work, city projects take forever, waste of money”

“Who is the idiot who is destroying our neighbourhood? Will try and move asap. The shredder is a health hazard! What a waste of my money!!! Stop the project please.”

“I will have to move lose my house. The solution is to extend Provencher to Lag and build the Louise bridge: expand Mission.”

“More traffic on Marion, but less traffic jams at Archibald and Marion and get rid of the Chalet hotel in St. Boniface”

“In the bigger scope of visionary long term plans for the City of WPG. Traffic and transportation issues and ideas for the next 50 to 100 years….. Could the city planners propose 4 alternative long term plans for this area with different options.

  • Elimination and relocation of railway lines passing through the heart of the city
  • Underground subway system
  • Overhead light rail transportation option
  • Heavy truck alternate routes for Provencher and Marion Streets”

“I have 2 kids and one baby due in December and right now and in the future Happyland Park is where I take my kids to play and swim. We can’t lose this park we need it every summer it is the only park close to us”

“Will have to be moved”

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