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January 19, 2016

Bigger does not mean better

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Remember, bigger does not mean better. Let’s plan more efficient infrastructure. Traffic flow has several elements to consider.…/it-took-51-more-time-to-d…/

It Took 51% More Time to Drive Out Katy Freeway in 2014 Than in 2011 – Houston Tomorrow
Houston commutes continue to get worse despite billions in spending on new road capacity.…

September 4, 2015

Urban Freeway removal

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Urban Freeway removal

” the adverse impacts of urban freeways on their surroundings — such as displaced communities, decreased road safety, environmental degradation, land-use impacts and threats to residents’ health through air pollution and increased accidents — were not considered while force-fitting limited-access freeways into cities.”

“Freeways are a tool to move traffic long distances at high speed. Without a doubt, cities often need urban freeways, but if they are misplaced, residents, businesses, property owners, and neighborhoods along the freeway suffer.”

Urban freeway removal projects such as in Portland and Bogotá demonstrate a wealth of benefits to cities and their inhabitants.

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