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September 17, 2015

“Kiwanis Happyland Park”?

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The history of Happyland Park you may not know. Did you know it was called “Kiwanis Happyland Park”?

The park was first opened on June 2, 1933.

Belgian Town

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Here’s an interesting bit of history about “Belgian Town” known now only as the Holden neighbourhood, living in the shadow of the imposing Mission Industrial. Pole archery was one of the traditions brought over from Belgium and thus was founded “The Robin Hood Pole Archery Club,” still in existence on Mission St. & Provencher Blvd east of the mushroom plant. (See website and map below) It’s interesting, and perhaps somewhat ironic, to note that the name of Robin Hood is linked to this unassuming little area that, even most recently, continues to lose its amenities.

robin hood

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