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September 3, 2017

Sols toxiques à Saint-Boniface

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La qualité du sol et de l’air à Saint-Boniface sont au coeur des débats ces derniers jours. À qui la responsabilité d’un sol supposément toxique? Une entreprise de recyclage de métal a été ciblée en particulier. Pourtant,…

Expediting soil tests

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Although it’s the bountiful time of year when backyard gardens offer a harvest of healthy vegetables, some residents of south St. Boniface are frightened to eat produce they planted with their own hands. And who can blame them? Several homeowners told a visiting Free Press reporter they are alarmed…

Issue of pollution

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The New Minister for sustainable development of Manitoba, Rochelle Squires, says that it will focus on the issue of pollution in the area of Saint-Boniface, messier, Archibald and Marion.

Residential Infill Strategy

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For those interested the City of Winnipeg Residential Infill Strategy website

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