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October 3, 2015

Transit Oriented Development

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So what type of Transit development is the City of Winnipeg moving towards; Transit Oriented Development (TOD) or Transit Adjacent Development (TAD)?

Considering “True” TOD requires;

  • Existing foot traffic to assist in increasing ridership (which will be destroyed by the proposed Marion intersection)
  • A definition of place (which will be destroyed with the loss of businesses and Park space and amenities)
  • A walkable neighbourhood, creating pedestrian-friendly street networks that directly connect local destinations (which will be destroyed by the separation of the area with concrete walls sound barriers and retaining walls and removal of businesses).
  • include a mix of uses — residential, retail and commercial (the vast majority of our businesses and small shops will be gone)

TAD is considered to be failed attempt at TOD. By creating an environment that caters to cars, and putting stations where the only intent is to wait for a bus with no sense of “place”, decreased sense of safety and is also considered a lost opportunity for development.

How can the City of Winnipeg reasonably say that planned Marion Widening and Grade Separation is a Transit Oriented Design? When all factors point to Transit Adjacent Development? As one article below states TAD is TOD gone bad, and breaks all the rules that make TOD work.


Interesting Articles

“One of the greatest limitations on the current crop of TODs is that not enough attention has been paid to making them attractive and pedestrian-friendly places. Trips to the store, to visit neighbours, to the park, or to sit in a coffee shop and watch the world go by should be both negotiable on foot and a delight to those walking. If transit is inserted into a healthy pedestrian environment, then pedestrians can easily become transit riders.”

“Transit-oriented development fosters greater use of a transit system by supporting housing and/or commercial development within walking distance of transit stations, offering a diversity of land uses and pedestrian-oriented design. Where such development has occurred, residents use transit five times as often as those who drive to the station and non-auto mode shares are substantially higher than in neighbourhoods where every trip must be made by car.”

“TAD is TOD gone bad, development that is adjacent to transit but breaks all the rules that make TOD work, like making public spaces the focus of building orientation and neighbourhood activity; creating pedestrian-friendly street networks that directly connect local destinations; and providing a mix of housing types, densities and costs.”

TOD Standard

“The place that cars occupy in urban space and as a mode of urban transport should be drastically limited. This is reflected in Principle 8 | Shift, which awards 20 out of a total 100 points with emphasis on minimizing space for cars. Land uses and urban forms should be organized to support walking as the primary form of mobility, by providing safe, active, continuous, and well-connected pedestrian spaces within dense, mixed and accessible neighbourhoods interconnected by public transport.”



September 12, 2015

BRT fun facts

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Did you know?

Bus Rapid Transit was first referenced in Plan Winnipeg in 1981 and if you look at Chris Bakers Thesis “Reconnecting America” The base of our BRT doesn’t look much different today. Even though its 34 years later, and we apparently can’t afford to even keep all our buses on the road? Even the Southeast corridor is mentioned..

September 6, 2015

Marion Upgrades

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How did we go from ideas like this? To its current state? The only thing that makes sense is Bus Rapid Transit Southeast Corridor…. but we are told it is nothing but a dotted line on a map, but the intersection was designed to accommodate room for it? Hidden Bus Rapid Transit costs in this intersection?

The image you see in this post would be viewed by residents as reasonable change, many have even suggested something along the lines of this.

This image was on Page 7 of;
Minutes – Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works –
January 16, 2012
Minute No. 41 Traffic Analysis – Archibald Street and Marion Street
(St. Boniface Ward)
The Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works concurred in the
recommendation of the Winnipeg Public Service that the concept plan developed for
improvements to the Archibald Street/Marion Street intersection in the report dated December 5,
2011, be considered in the development of the “Marion Street Widening/Grade Separation and
Improvements – Archibald to Lagimodiere” project identified in the Winnipeg Transportation
Master Plan.


August 28, 2015

BRT – Marion

When you watch this episode keep in mind this map was found on MMM Group’s website

Note the reference he makes to one of the emails “Basic consideration was given to ensuring enough space was provided for the corridor in the Marion Street Widening study carried out by Public Works earlier this year “

Two e-mails that was referenced in the above show




Only City Circus on Shaw TV has gone beyond the city press releases to ask hard questions about the Marion Freeway, the unfair public consultation process, put city councilors on the spot, and has stood up for our neighborhood and way of life. Marty Gold ( explains facts and analysis the public did not learn from the mainstream media, in this episode.

August 24, 2015

BRT Inquiry

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Although this is for the Bus Rapid Tranist Southwest Corridor, show your support as this could soon be heading our way! And this section of BRT affects the Parker Wetlands!


Provided by Marty Gold

The following note from Dave Sanders talks about the hearings happening with the city.
Lawyer George Ulyatt was appointed by the Provincial Government to hold an inquiry into whether the City’s proposed expropriations of lands for the Southwest Transitway and Pembina Underpass are “fair and reasonably necessary” to meet the City’s objectives (whatever they are!)”
The hearing is being held in the Assiniboine Room in the Concourse (lower) Level of the Delta Hotel on St. Mary Avenue.
So far Ulyatt has heard from Bjorn Radstrom (Winnipeg Transit) and Dave Krahn (Dillon Engineering), and they have been cross-examined by property owners’ lawyers Antoine Hacault, James Mercury and Mark Newman. Hacault’s owners have also testified. This has taken up hearing dates on August 4, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12.
James Mercury represents the owners of 1500 Parker Avenue, and he has asked me to testify at the hearing. He has already placed many of my submissions to City Hall in evidence, and I am now scheduled to present my evidence and opinions starting at 10 am on Tuesday, August 25.
I expect to be on the witness stand most of the day, because there is no limit to the length of my presentation and I will be asked to answer questions from all three lawyers and submit to cross-examination by the City’ legal counsel.
The hearing will resume later on September 2 and 4 for other witnesses, plus the lawyers’ summations.
Then Ulyatt will have to produce his recommendations for consideration by City Council at its October meeting.
The hearing is open to the public, and there is plenty of room for interested citizens.
Come one, come all!
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GO TO to see:
City Circus on Shaw TV / The Great Canadian Talk Show Podcasts and Blog

August 22, 2015


In the request for Proposal:
“Reference should be made to the publications of the
Association for Public Participation (IAP2) in developing the public engagement process.”…/495-2013//495-2013_Request_for_Pro…

Link to the IAP2…/…/imported/IAP2%20Spectrum_vertical.pdf

Why were only expropriated residents and business contacted?
Not affected by a wall cutting off access?
Not affected by loss of business?
Not affected by loss of local jobs?
Not affected by loss of local amenities?
Not affected by Property devaluation?
And the list goes on………

August 15, 2015

BRT should you be worried?

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Looking past the current phase of Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) provides very limited information. If you follow the news on the inquiry a city lawyer felt that a citizens opinion was of zero value and that they should have read the report. Well this might be a valid point if the transparency we were promised was in place and this information was easily found by any citizen. However that is not the case.

Looking into the Proposed Southeast Corridor planned for Archibald we can find 2 maps and one sentence in a report that is a draft online with plenty of it blacked out. If there is transparency shouldn’t that also mean ease of access?

From what we can find the next area that should be worried about the proposals is the Eastern Corridor, as this seems to be the next phase on the list and everyone after that.

When should you speak up and ask for information? NOW! You do not want to be provided with limited information and a limited time frame to speak up against it.

List of Proposed Corridors we could find reference to;

– Eastern Corridor (parallel to Nairn & Regent Ave)
– Western Corridor (within or parallel to Portage Ave) notice one map shows Portage the other does not.
– Northern Corridor (within or parallel to Main St.)
– Northeast Corridor (within the former CPR Marconi Subdivision adjacent to Gateway/Raleigh Streets)
– Southeast Corridor (parallel to CPR Emerson along Archibald) note the map shows this running through Niakwa Place, however Archibald stops at Fermor where Niakwa Place begins. What businesses and homes will be expropriated in addition to those at Marion and Archibald?

rapid transit winnipeg City of Winnipeg Executive Summary October 28 2011

rapid transit winnipeg City of Winnipeg Executive Summary October 28 2011


July 31, 2015

Proposed future BRT

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Proposed future Bus Rapid Transit. Future conceptual map includes plans for a southeast corridor parallel to CPR Emerson along Archibald. Does this mean we will be having more expropriations in the future?



rapid transit winnipeg City of Winnipeg Executive Summary October 28 2011

rapid transit winnipeg City of Winnipeg Executive Summary October 28 2011


Images and info found on:

Page 18:

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