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June 25, 2016

Provencher Farmers Market

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Provencher Farmer’s Market Fridays, 10am to 2 pm (every Friday June 24 to September 30)
We have been asked to share this event. If you have a chance stop by and check it out please do


Community Meeting update

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Photos from our June 22nd Community Meeting

One big announcement from Matt Allard at our meeting was $200,000 in funding for the Park. Feedback from the community was very positive.

In addition to concerns we mentioned in our presentation, which included;
– Improvements and maintenance of parks
– Industrial hazards, and risk related to rail
– Rail rationalization, and dangerous cargo through the city
– Train derailments that have happened
– Maintenance of infrastructure roads and sidewalks
– Bus Rapid Transit, southeast corridor
– Marion Widening and its negative impact on the community
– Local Businesses and Walkability
– Infill development – impact on the community while not addressing affordable housing.

Additional concerns that were raised;
– Archwood School and the speed limit on Archibald, there is significant concern from Parents and the School to reduce the speed to 30. Or at the minimum have it reduced like Provencher to 50.
– Additional Industrial concerns that have been raised to our attention.

Thank you to Matt Allard and Greg Selinger for participating in this meeting and to everyone that attended to show their support and express their concerns. Thank you to everyone that made a donation to assist us in continuing to raise awareness of the issues in our area.

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September 12, 2015

Sign the Petition

This Projects risks part of Happyland Park and extends up and down Archibald, and all along Marion from Youville to Panet, down Panet to Dugald, and down Dugald to Lagimodiere.

This will displace many residents and cause many local businesses left remaining hundreds of lost jobs, and revenue and could potentially cost them the complete loss of their business.

We strongly urge you to sign this petition and show all these Residents and Businesses your support!

Please click the link below;


Tell Winnipeg City Council to STOP the Widening and Grade Separation(Marion/Archibald), and save Happyland Park!

We urge Winnipeg City Council to stop the Marion Widening and Grade Separation in its current state of design, part of Plan Winnipeg since 2001, and identified as a short term priority in the Winnipeg Transportation Master Plan.The current plan has too many flaws and too much information was not disclosed to the residents by Public Works or MMM Consulting Group; information such as how the Public Market Brownfield development will tie into this design. Also failed to be disclosed was the basic consideration that was given in the design to ensure enough room for the future Southeast Bus Rapid Transit Corridor.The community does not feel that the guidelines for IAP2 (…) were met, and that attempts to satisfy this requirement were minimal at best. “Affected Residents” should have included people affected by; loss or limited access to an area, loss of amenities, loss of jobs and loss of rental space residential and business.

This project has more then doubled in size and in original cost projections. The project in its current state risks damage to Happyland Park, loss of homes for residents and hundreds of lost jobs in local businesses!

We request this project be stopped!

Requested by ;
Seine River Bonivital Residents Association
on behalf of our community


Nous encourageons fortement le conseil municipal de Winnipeg d’arrêter l’élargissement de la rue Marion et l’aménagement d’un carrefour à niveaux différents, inscrit dans le Plan Winnipeg depuis 2001 et identifié comme une priorité à court terme dans le Plan directeur des transports de Winnipeg.

Le plan actuel a de nombreux défauts et trop d’information n’a pas été divulgué aux résidents par Travaux publics ou MMM Group Consulting. Ils ont manqué d’informer les résident que le développement du public Brownfield sera lié à cette conception et en outre, il ont omis le fait qu’on a assuré assez de place dans l’étude de base pour le futur Corridor Sud-Est du Bus Rapid Transit.

La communauté ne croit pas que les lignes directrices du IAP2 (…) ont été satisfaites et que les efforts de répondre à ces exigences étaient minimes, au mieux. “Résidents affectés” devraient comprendre des gens affectés par les suivants; une perte de ou un accès limité à une zone, la perte d’agréments, la perte d’emplois et la perte de la location d’espace résidentiel et d’affaires.

Ce projet a plus que doublé de taille ainsi qu’en coût projeté initialement. Le projet actuel risque d’endommager Happyland Park, de perdre des maisons de résidents et causer la perte des centaines d’emplois dans les entreprises locales!

Nous demandons que ce projet soit arrêté!

Demandé par ;

Seine Bonivital Residents Association
au nom de notre communauté

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