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July 31, 2015

Conceptual design Canada Packers

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Conceptual design for housing development on Canada Packers – Public Markets Brownfield

Canada Packers operated a huge facility at the southeast corner of Marion and Archibald. It was torn down and years later, still no trees grow on the contaminated sections of land.

The City has long talked about making use of the land for some purpose or other.

We found out about a plan to develop 600 housing units on the land, which obviously would require the creation of lanes to go in and out and would increase traffic volumes in the area.

Yet the consultants for the Marion Widening – who know all about the ‘Public Markets” brownfield idea since they prepared the document for the City – did NOT mention any of this other plan for our area, in any of the Open Houses.

To some who have seen the maps, it appears the consultant is telling the city that our existing homes and businesses have to be bought out and demolished, to make room for cars coming in and out of the Canada Packers site they are also working on.

Look at these documents and ask yourself if it is fair that the community is being sold a plan by the consultants that will hurt and displace existing residents, without being informed that it is to accommodate their other project.



Proposed future BRT

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Proposed future Bus Rapid Transit. Future conceptual map includes plans for a southeast corridor parallel to CPR Emerson along Archibald. Does this mean we will be having more expropriations in the future?



rapid transit winnipeg City of Winnipeg Executive Summary October 28 2011

rapid transit winnipeg City of Winnipeg Executive Summary October 28 2011


Images and info found on:

Page 18:

Marion Archibald proposed upgrade the before and after.

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See the images below 1) Current intersection as seen on Google maps. 2) Proposed expropriations. 3) Conceptual design of the upgraded intersection.

Concerns for the park: potential loss of the small kids pool, potential loss of the small skate park, potential loss of frisbee golf, significant portion of the park lost.

Concern for business and residents: 140 homes and businesses up for expropriation, widening of Marion to 6 lanes, connection of Marion to Dugald(Marion and Goulet to St.Mary’s will see an increase in traffic it may not be able to handle).

  1. Untitled-2 copy
  2. expro
  3. marion conceptual design -jpg


Conceptual map can be found on:

One source available online for the expropriations map:

July 30, 2015

City Circus – Guest Jason Schreyer

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Only City Circus on Shaw TV has gone beyond the city press releases to ask hard questions about the Marion Freeway, the unfair public consultation process, put city councilors on the spot, and has stood up for our neighborhood and way of life. Marty Gold ( explains facts and analysis the public did not learn from the mainstream media, in this episode.

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