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August 30, 2015

Survey – Resident

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“Saw machine spitting out chunks the size of potatoes (uncontrolled)’

“I will lose my neighbourhood, the nature & spirit we love our parks and nature. The shredder has lethal consequences. Nobody like this & nobody knows about this.”

“I will be expropriated against my will! A solution to this would be to build Louise bridge & extend Provencher to Lagimodiere. I don’t like that we are turning into communist Manitoba! This province does whatever it wants & takes, tells us after. Sick & tired of this bullsh*t! I was told the city would move the industrial area further down Dugald Road what the hell happened to that Promise?! Move Rothesay.”

“I agree that something need to be done with Archibald/Marion, however not on such a large scale. Being unable to have access to Archibald from our street does not bother us since we already have issues with getting onto Archibald. We already us Cusson for access.”

“House may be expropriated. Solution – extend Provencher to Lagimodiere, build a Louise Bridge & this will disperse traffic evenly.”

“Not happy with this! More delay.”

“Well I won’t have a place to live if you take down my rented place, and also Happyland Park is nice to take the kids and only walking distance from home.”

“This project will up root both mother’s home as well as own. This is not what they wanted poorly informed about this all”

“Will be right online, do not want to move, not informed at all”

“We frequent Happyland Park with our Children. Also Some local businesses on Marion that we support(Hair Passion)”

Inconvenienced with noise, increase speed on super speed land highway, safety concerns”

“Loss of Happyland Park, Businesses, high speed traffic, school zone on Archibald, disruption of a quiet neighbourhood”

“More road construction, delays. Wpg is the only mature city in Canada that does not have 24 hr construction crews.”

“Traffic tie ups”

“Rapid Transit not necessary for Wpg, finish construction that’s already started!”

“Already dealing with semi’s on Holden, only access road, very poor planning!”

“Honestly don’t know about it – not enough info”

“Delays, detours, frustration of course. Why weren’t we made aware of all?”

“I will be losing my home. This project is not necessary”

“We will have to relocate which is what we do not want”

“Not sure, I know it will create more traffic on Evans and other Streets. Possible effects to Happyland Park & Local businesses”

“1- Access to work concerns, 2 – NOISE IN EXCESS!!!, 3 –Norwood Groove Neighbourhood, Privacy & Peacefulness lost. 4- Safety”

“The concrete sound barrier walls will make it difficult to get to Archibald. There will be to much construction and traffic afterwards”

“Better transportation once the project is complete”

“My now quiet street will become a main road for traffic as I am one of the few streets not to be cut off from Archibald. I suspect my property value will intern be affected. I will also no longer be able to turn left onto Archibald affecting my commute.”

“Cut off from bus stop access on Goulet by Barrier wall. Destruction of river running through my back yard. Pollution of metal shredder will exacerbate my asthma resulting in higher medication costs and risks to breathing. People who will be forced to move due to expropriated home/business. Risk to Children in area- safety.”

“I’m concerned about the negative effects of this proposed project on the people directly impacted through the loss of their homes and businesses, etc, Happyland Park. “No” to more traffic “No” to more pollution”

“Concerning about heavy traffic, pollution becoming more industrial looking area rather than residential”

“Our homes foundation, noise pollution!! Construction, traffic, environmental pollution, losing the park/pool, Privacy (Every reason we decided to purchase where we did!) This is a terrible plan of action!!”

“More traffic, noise, pollution”

“More traffic, long construction time and inconvenience, noise, pollution”

“Home Foundation, noise pollution, construction (Long-term!) Traffic, environmental pollution, park and pool gone, PRIVACY. We choose to purchase in St B to avoid all the above. We love our area the way it is!”

“Loss of local businesses & much needed green space”

“Loss of local Park space, increases speed of traffic, increased noise”

“Unknown” on how affected

“To much traffic in our area”

“Not directly – But do have a property on Giroux”

“We often use Happyland Park and the local businesses at Marion and Archibald”

“Won’t allow me to safely bike to work”

“I will be moving out of Winnipeg in October, so I won’t be affected. I’m tired of living in this city”

“Toxic materials with shredder, green space near by is nice to have”

“Stop the project! No access to my street because wall is up. To much traffic on my street now taxes will up and property value down. The excess noise and pollution from shredder will kill the wildlife on the Seine River by my house and kill me and wife”

“Project is not required, too extreme, will affect businesses, homes and wildlife. Ridiculous idea. Community members should be informed and have a say into projects”

“Area will be destroyed”

“Traffic congestion and the fact that everyone in the neighbourhoods going to be p*ssy*ss during the transition which will take years and our little heaven will be destroyed”

“Right on corner, young kids at risk due to traffic. Damage to house from construction, traffic noise, decrease of value of home”

“All the traffic on my street. We like it the way it is now. A quiet area”

“This area has been left like this since 1920s as it used to be Canada Packers workers home town. So please leave everything the way it is”

“Traffic congestion, basically re-routing routes. Mostly traffic flow on our street and increased traffic on side streets”

“I will have trouble sleeping at night due to the road noise. Which will affect my daytime life because I couldn’t sleep”

“My Age it does not concern me at all perhaps I will not be here I am nearly 100 years”

“ I will have all the traffic in my neighbourhood passing in front of my home. I moved in this home 23 years ago for the quiet neighbourhood with wildlife at the end of my street and I will no longer be able to enjoy Happyland Park and Pool. I live so close to the shredder”

“If I sell, I won’t be affected”

“The construction will be way to much and too long. Taxes going up property going down. We will be breathing dirty air and I have lung disease. Who will compensate when I have to move because of shredder and construction. How come the city never told us?”

“I will be living right nest to the project. As the neighbours beside us will be expropriated”

“No access, taxes will go up. Dirty breathing air, city did not consult us, value of property down, who will compensate me for cracked foundations?”

“Ambulance and Fire Trucks can not get to my house because of the wall, taxes going up, property value going down. This is destroying our neighbourhood, who will pay for me to relocate?”

“I want you to stop this project, taxes go up, property go down, the shredder will kill us & have to move. How come no City people told us?”

“Noise, trouble leaving area, house value down”

Survey – Business

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“Noise, Dust & Distraction.”

“Concerned about Speed at entrance. One major access point into our yard off Dugald will be closed to right and left hand turns. Some minor land expropriations”

“This will affect my business drastically and my commute from home to my business”

“Access to my property, due to construction”

“Huge business distribution for many years, loss of access to my business, who will compensate us for the loss, who will pay for relocation & advertising. My foundation will not withstand construction”

“No City Services down this road. No water have holding tank. How much worse can it be???? Can’t drink the water.”

“Construction delays & street closure, open Provencher to Lagimodiere”

“Have to relocate & city will pay, no discussion of where they will relocate us. I like the change because I will get a new building, city will pay for all my expenses.”

“ Lose frontage, access to our business due to construction will be horrible, construction noise will be unbearable, Toxic hazardous shredder get rid of it. We will have to move”

“Lose business due to construction, the shredder is jeopardizing our health. We will probably have to move who will pay for relocation and advertising, will we be compensated for loss of business?”

“Access for our service vehicles due to construction. All our couriers will be unable to reach us when necessary. We may have to move, who will pay for relocation and new advertising?”

“We don’t know how we are affected”

“Landlord knows, business tenant not happy”

August 29, 2015

Survey – Business

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“Does not affect me this project does not lead to anywhere so its pointless”

“They are buying us out our business and building is being bulldozed. Should have been told earlier”

“Due to construction I will lose business because of poor access. I will probably move!”

“Very positive can’t wait to use Marion without the trains. We support the project in all aspects” They included their name but we have removed it to prevent any community lash back.

“Due to construction, no business will come and we will lose our jobs”

“Losing Job/friends and coworkers losing homes”

“Due to construction we will lose business, who will compensate us for the loss? Who will pay for relocation and advertising?”

“Due to construction how will my customers get here? Who will compensate me for loss of business? Some people will lose jobs, why were we not informed?”

“Due to construction I will lose business, who will compensate me? Who will pay for relocation and advertising? No shredder please. Why didn’t anybody inform us a taxpayer”

“Due to construction we will lose our business, who will compensate us? Will you relocate us? 7 job losses we don’t like this. Why were we not informed? No customers will get to us.”

“Due to construction we lose business, who will compensate? Who will pay for relocation and advertising? Approx 12 people will be out of a job. Why were we not informed?

“Our business will be expropriated”

New smell in St.B?

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Read the below article relating to metal recycling in Houston at 5 plants.

Quoted from the article in the above link;

“Subsequent testing outside five Houston metal recycling operations found dangerous levels of hexavalent chromium. Chrome VI, as it’s also called, is a high priority for air experts.

“People were complaining about smoke, and it turns out there were carcinogenic metals,” said Loren Raun, an environmental statistician at Rice University. “And we found them only around these facilities, not in other areas we tested, not even in other industrial areas of the city.””

See the Video below of the now operational shredder in St.B industrial park.

A passerby commented this was a good day, on the worst day they have seen chunks of metal flying uncontrolled that were the size of potatoes.

Did you know our Councillors office states this is “unrelated and outside of city jurisdiction” But provides no one to follow up with on our concerns???

IMG_0547  IMG_0537

What response did we receive to our questions on the shredder from our Councillor’s office?


August 28, 2015

Why LRT?

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Did you know?

Edmonton became the first city in North America with a metropolitan population of less than one million to build a modern light rail system. The population was just over 445,000 when the route first started construction in 1974.

Interesting read

“Efficient use of existing rail lines. Rail transit services can share rights-of-way with existing rail lines. In the case of commuter rail (and even light rail in limited situations) rail transit services can make use of existing tracks”

Another interesting read

“The best argument for rail is that it has the ability to provide massive rush-hour passenger-carrying capacity without destroying the city through which it runs.”

BRT – Marion

When you watch this episode keep in mind this map was found on MMM Group’s website

Note the reference he makes to one of the emails “Basic consideration was given to ensuring enough space was provided for the corridor in the Marion Street Widening study carried out by Public Works earlier this year “

Two e-mails that was referenced in the above show




Only City Circus on Shaw TV has gone beyond the city press releases to ask hard questions about the Marion Freeway, the unfair public consultation process, put city councilors on the spot, and has stood up for our neighborhood and way of life. Marty Gold ( explains facts and analysis the public did not learn from the mainstream media, in this episode.

Marion Overpass

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Only City Circus on Shaw TV has gone beyond the city press releases to ask hard questions about the Marion Freeway, the unfair public consultation process, put city councilors on the spot, and has stood up for our neighborhood and way of life. Marty Gold ( explains facts and analysis the public did not learn from the mainstream media, in this episode.

August 27, 2015

Survey – Residents

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“City cannot afford to do oversized unnecessary projects. Money should be spent on things the city needs. Councillor for St. B forgets he represents all of St. B not just Northern Provencher where he lives. He is not looking out for the well being of everyone”

“Cut off from emergency services”

“I feel like I’m in a fishbowl nothing suitable for young kids to do”

“I do not want to have the equivalent of the Berlin Wall at the end of my street under the label of a sound barrier.”

“My residence will be torn down! I love that Wpg is growing, vibrant city, but at what cost!?!”

“I won’t be affected I will be moving”

“In a negative way as we live on Marion and this would increase traffic among many other things.”

“The Freeway would be my front street, the noise level, my property value will probably go down & fear of losing our Pool (Happyland Pool) in the process.”

“Not sure at this point”

Concerns on the shredder “The pollution and noise from such a plant should not be in this area. I think this kind of belongs further in the industrial park”

“Increased traffic directly beside our home, years of construction”

“Worried about access to Marion Street, health risk about shredder, property value & Taxes”

“Shredder pollution will be unacceptable, limited access to my street, please leave the park alone I walk there all the time, property value will go down taxes will go up, will be very noisy”

“Councillor very little feedback uninformative feedback, he didn’t care”

“Noisy Freeway behind my house unacceptable, worried about foundation cracking. The pollution and dust from the shredder will probably kill me as I am on oxygen, I am a senior and do not wan to move. Stop the destructive project.”

“Would welcome sound barrier at corner of Youville & Goulet”

“Limited access to area MOVING”

“Land values will increase because of the value of the corridors, more noise levels”

“Property values decrease, quality of life reduced”

“Excessive noise, waste of money not fixing the problems addressing the real issues. Shredder affecting our health & wildlife. Maybe the city should talk to the residents”

“Possible dead end street approaching Goulet from North Youville St residents. Traffic, noise will remain, I don’t believe it will increase. All we really need is the rail underpass, congestion will decrease.”

“Pollution will make us very sick & we will have to move. I like Happyland Park go there often. The Freeway underpass is not a solution to the problem, more traffic will come here now.”

“Don’t want no shredder, house value, noise affected negatively, noise small shredder hear it now”

“I am now considering leaving the area as it will be a colossal pain to commute”

“Increase traffic, noise”

“Increased noise & traffic I will not have access to Archibald from my street. I will lose precious green space. I’m worried my property value will decrease.”

“Noise – Blocked off by concrete wall allowing only ONE WAY OUT!! This happens I will hate the city!!!”

“I will lose my job of papers by this project going on and that will mean I will not make any money”

“We will lose access to some of the street where we catch the number 19 when they do the work”

“The concrete sound barrier walls that cut off access to Archibald affect all that live on those streets”

“I believe that the change will drop our property value & with limited access out could compromise services”

“My driving routes will change, lots of noise and visually there will be less green space. Do not approve!!”

“Very negatively. We will most like move before construction because of this unacceptable plan”

“How many times do we have to fight this bull sh*t. No Highway or shredder”

“I will be directly affected as I am 4 houses from Archibald”

“Concerned about kids, it is a family neighbourhood”

“I live on Cherrier and will be directly affected”

“8 Lane traffic on my front”

“No idea right now”

“Park areas cut off. Loss of local businesses, loss of home.”

“No place for children to play around”

“No reason for families to move here quiet affordable middle class neighbourhood will change to low class houses.”

“Wildlife will disappear, no reason to stay”

“Property value dropped”

“No access out of neighbourhood”

“The environment, health”

“No pool, kids need activities to do or they get in trouble. Can’t watch video games all day”

“Ruin the quiet of the neighbourhood”

“Just the inconvenience of construction in my area’

“Wall outside my house”

“It will ruin neighbourhood”

“Property devaluation”

“You tell me??”



August 26, 2015

Survey – Residents

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We asked residents how they will be affected and going daily on posting until we get each and every one up good and bad.


“Messing the whole place disrupting the peace and quiet of the entire district. Lived here for 44 years.”

“House shakes from small shredder now, house value drops, vibrations, noise, pollution from shredder.”

“The Traffic when they extend Evans St”

“If they put up the sound barrier wall my family won’t have a direct route out. No wall. No north access on Archibald. My child gets picked up by the school bus on Cusson & Evans!”

“We are concerned about devaluation of our property as a result of this project. Damage to our foundations as result of construction is also a concern.”

“Losing the park, added traffic on Guilbault due to traffic re-route. Solution would be to run Provencher Blvd to Lagimodiere instead! Would rather see the industrial sites moved instead of residential.”

“The housing on the Canada Packers site will be good for the schools and community centers in the area.”

“The project will have a large negative impact on the neighborhood. The proposed cloverleaf at Marion and Archibald is Ridiculous. It will not relieve the traffic problem because the bottle neck is the Norwood Bridge.”

“Property value reduced, quiet neighborhood lost. Freeway solves nothing run Provencher to Lagimodiere.”

“Will miss area being the way it is”

“They don’t do anything for us anyways. They took park away on Holden and Brussels St and will affect lots of us. Bus service sucks already over here. They state no funding to replace our park. So they going to run out of money for this?”

“City Councilor doesn’t come to this area. They never even told us our kids park was being taken down. We are NOTHING TO THIS CITY -SUCKS.”

“I don’t know enough about it to know”

“Increased Traffic will make it unsafe for kids”

“Since so little info has been made available hard to say. Why wasn’t I properly informed?”

“Why weren’t we informed of this & what it entails?”

“Our area changes drastically, Happyland affected & our child plays & spends time there.”

“Too much going on without people being properly notified”

“There are no other pool areas around. Get some better bus service around here! The only thing good is that I won’t have to wait for a train at Marion and Archibald but what about Fermor/Cottonwood/Bishop/by the mushroom plant.”

“Driving off Doucet Street”

“We have a mortgaged house and will be affected, by the long construction, reduced value of property, less safety for our children and impact of moving if we do.”

“More traffic with loss of access, noise, safety, value of property loss, pool loss, loss of local stores, Seine River damage.”

August 25, 2015

Survey – Residents

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“Construction will make access to/from land locked streets nearly impossible. Rerouted traffic down Evans & Gareau will turn a quiet residential street into a thoroughfare. A residential walking neighborhood will be destroyed. Will no longer be safe for kids to play. Increased traffic flow will make bottlenecks downtown and at Provencher and Archibald worse”

“Kids won’t be able to play in front yard safely. This freeway will solve nothing. We need Provencher to Lagimodiere a more logical solution.”

“Traffic on Archibald will increase dramatically, potential damage to my home from construction(foundation), Change in neighborhood – increased number of families moving since announced, living through years of construction, increased bottlenecks into downtown. City is creating a major thoroughfare without making Archibald 2 lanes all the way through. Safety of children and seniors crossing the road, removing Happyland park and pools”

“I live on a quiet low traffic street. I purchased my house due to the quiet. I may sell if Gareau street increases in traffic. As well there is a school and community, wild life near by. Therefore this proposal doesn’t make sense to me”

“Heavy Traffic, construction, noise”

‘Increased traffic noise. More close calls for my son who is a school patrol. Land expropriation for Transit lane. Total loss of home value. Loss of local stores.”

“I canoe, hike & ski on the Seine and often cycle in Happyland Park – not sure of the future impact on these activities. I suppose Marion/Archibald intersection will be a nightmare just to get home.”

“Decreased home value, noise, excess, traffic”

“Busy traffic on my street. Unsafe crossing for kids. Kid’s school will be unsafe.” 2 residents had the same concerns.

“I will be selling my house”

“I sold my house”

“Increased traffic, multiyear construction. We are not opposed to the project, however we do not think the current plans are appropriate.”

“Increased traffic, construction for multi years it won’t have a huge effect as we will be moving”

“You will be making my street very busy”

“Too much traffic on my street and to much money, does not help my commute”

“Traffic and noise disruption of my livelihood and green space”

“Heavy traffic flow, longer to get to/from work. Dangerous(due to fact house will be so close to the road)”

“Traffic on street”

“Increase traffic down my street to lights as our street will be only out for 6 streets blocked concrete wall”

“Kids play on the street and we don’t need large amounts of traffic”

“Busy Traffic on my street, unsafe freeway for kids”

“Traffic on Gareau St is a concern, however I think people who want to use the lights already do & it won’t make much difference. Would be upset with Happyland Park gone”

“We have children and don’t need the large amount of traffic”

“My street will be very noisy”

“Will jam up traffic on Gareau which is also a school crossing zone. Too many people for 1 entry to Archibald. If Lagimodiere is back up start with that first!!!”

“Our street will become a high traffic street(we have children)”

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