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September 30, 2015

What is in the wind?

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When a metal shredder is leaving residue on local vehicles like this within a day, shouldn’t we be concerned about what is being carried in the wind?

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*Photos provided by a member of SRBVRA*

September 26, 2015

Every turn lack of consultation..

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Again back in Feb. 2014, our residents are not consulted…‪#‎MarionArchibald‬

City Clerk’s Decision Making Info System Item 76 p.11



Survey – Resident

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394 Surveys received

“Loss of jobs & business. Decrease in property value – no close bus stops for seniors. More traffic and speeding – Less routes in and out of area. Risk for pedestrians & kids crossing Archibald St. More traffic & noise on Evans & Gareau & other side streets.”

“I may lose my job”

“Ruining friends and family’s home on Deniset. Me and my husband drive down Archibald for work we stop at the Tim Hortons and Coop. No Need.”

“Knocking down memories when I lived on Deniset local Time Hortons gas station. Park I bring friends and family kids too. There’s no need for this bridge.”

“Family & friends homes will be affected & lost. Dangerous for children. Park & School zone. Business ruined. Job lost. Stupid & unnecessary. Waste of money.”

“Friends and family will lose their home. Ruining a family area and park. Unsafe for a lot of school aged kids. Too small of an area for this. Un-needed. Waste of money. More Traffic. Change the light timers instead.”

“Ruining family members & friends homes. Ruining a park & family area. Unsafe for children. Too small of an area for such a big change. Pointless. Change the timers/sensors on the lights at Marion & Archibald. Traffic will flow easier.”

“Property value”

“This is the way I take to work everyday no necessary not safe for family’s children. Jobs lost this is liveable no need for Bridge!”

“I find there is no need for this I drive threw there every morning its liveable no point just ruining a neighbourhood, Park/School/Houses/Business.”

September 19, 2015

Survey – Residents

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383 Surveys received

“I moved to this neighbourhood years ago because of its quiet unspoiled nature I would not like to see it change. I also use the greenspace of Happyland park on a daily basis, to exercise my dog.”

September 17, 2015

“Kiwanis Happyland Park”?

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The history of Happyland Park you may not know. Did you know it was called “Kiwanis Happyland Park”?

The park was first opened on June 2, 1933.

Belgian Town

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Here’s an interesting bit of history about “Belgian Town” known now only as the Holden neighbourhood, living in the shadow of the imposing Mission Industrial. Pole archery was one of the traditions brought over from Belgium and thus was founded “The Robin Hood Pole Archery Club,” still in existence on Mission St. & Provencher Blvd east of the mushroom plant. (See website and map below) It’s interesting, and perhaps somewhat ironic, to note that the name of Robin Hood is linked to this unassuming little area that, even most recently, continues to lose its amenities.

robin hood

Survey – Residents

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381 surveys now received

“We Will have much more traffic along our house, which I will not like”

How Affected ? “In Every Way”

“Not really going be affected, will just miss out on a beautiful park and near by pool”

“Love going for walks in beautiful park and really enjoy the pool”

September 16, 2015

Survey – Residents

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377 Surveys now received

“The barrier is an issue, create additional crime, our community becomes hidden. Traffic created by Sage Creek is not our fault. No one put a gun to their heads to move there.”

“Increased traffic on Archibald Speedway”

“Decrease the price of real estate, dirty air, more noise”

“Property valued, heavy traffic, poor access”

“Traffic created by Sage Creek should not affect major changes in our community”

“MMM and Councillor They were very vague could not give an answer off the top of their heads to the cost of the project. My home is over 85 years old. I don’t know how well its going to with stand all this construction one block away from me. Property value will go down on my home. How many years will I have to listen to all the noise during and after construction. I am not in favour. I don’t think its necessary!”

“The cost to pay out all these businesses is crazy! I don’t want any of this to happen. I believe the residents in the area are fine with the way things are. We have lived like this for years. Also funny that “Shindico” is building new condos already on Archibald, knowing he will get paid millions to have them torn down. No one uses rapid transit as it is the whole thing is a waste of money”

“Excess traffic on Gareau and the result and risks to children attending Archwood School. Suggest Extend Elizabeth Rd west to St Mary’s St”

“Traffic on my street”

September 13, 2015

Holden Street – A place time remembers and the city has forgotten

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Sept 13, 2015 – SRBVRA

Holden Street – A place time remembers and the city has forgotten


Yesterday we had the extreme pleasure of meeting a lovely local resident named Adele, who has survived 6 strokes yet manages to be very upbeat with a pleasant personality. Her home is located in the area between Holden St and Lagimodière Blvd.

Adele took us for a small tour of the area to show us the over-grown street, that looks more like an open field. When walking through here, if not for the newly-kept homes with noticeable improvements, you might think it was a place that time forgot. With its gravel roads and one side street completely grown over with grass, a dead end sign marks one side of the street. Looking down the other side, we see the manhole covers peeking through the grass.  The street sign is noticeably still in place.  If one looks very carefully, a fire hydrant can be found near the end of this grassy street, but is nearly impossible to spot without help. From a distance, this fire hydrant looks like nothing more then a bush.

When we were shown the fire hydrant, we asked: “If the fire department cannot find this, where would the next closest hook-up for them be?” She pointed out that the next closest hook up would be across Lagimodiere Blvd.  That seemed far from acceptable.

We continued our tour with Adele and she showed us where their park used to be, the swing sets taken down as recently as June of this year. When she asked workers what they were doing, they stated that it was dangerous and that they were replacing them. Well, the swing set is gone and there has been no replacement. She said: “They have taken our park and no one even told us.  Now the kids play in the back lanes.”  Looking around the park you can see remnants of cracked paved surfaces that might have at one time been a court, where kids use to play and gather. Adele spoke fondly of how the park used to look and how children would go there to play, and even ice skate in the winter.  The reply she received from our city representatives was that there was no money for the park. We couldn’t help but wonder if this was to be the fate of Happyland Park as well?

When speaking with Adele she is very discouraged by the city and their representatives.  On hearing her story, it is very easy to understand why, and unfortunately it does not stop with the park.

She explained to us that due to the grassy overgrowth on her street Handi-Transit considers her street a back lane. A few weeks back, she did receive a visit from Matt Allard’s assistant Ryan, a visit prompted by a member of our residents association. Assistance was offered to her but she has yet to see full resolution of this issue. The last she heard on this subject was a phone call to ask if she could wear a shoulder-strap seatbelt. To which she replied “No” due to the surgeries she had and their particular location, there is a risk that a shoulder belt could trigger another stroke. Turtle necks are even too tight for her to manage wearing. She stated that Ryan then asked her if she could wear a lap belt, to which she replied “Yes” and has not heard anything further on this issue.

There is little hope for restoring the park on Holden St., however we do still have the opportunity to fight for Happyland Park and its surrounding community.  We also have the opportunity to do our best to bring awareness to situations like Adele’s.  Hopefully our actions today can have a positive impact on future outcomes. So that the Holden St community does not have even more taken from them, and that those at Marion and Archibald don’t become residents hidden behind cement walls living in a place where time remembers and the city has forgotten.

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An Older Picture of the park on Holden St. & Brussels St. the play structure they use to have.


September 12, 2015

Sign the Petition

This Projects risks part of Happyland Park and extends up and down Archibald, and all along Marion from Youville to Panet, down Panet to Dugald, and down Dugald to Lagimodiere.

This will displace many residents and cause many local businesses left remaining hundreds of lost jobs, and revenue and could potentially cost them the complete loss of their business.

We strongly urge you to sign this petition and show all these Residents and Businesses your support!

Please click the link below;


Tell Winnipeg City Council to STOP the Widening and Grade Separation(Marion/Archibald), and save Happyland Park!

We urge Winnipeg City Council to stop the Marion Widening and Grade Separation in its current state of design, part of Plan Winnipeg since 2001, and identified as a short term priority in the Winnipeg Transportation Master Plan.The current plan has too many flaws and too much information was not disclosed to the residents by Public Works or MMM Consulting Group; information such as how the Public Market Brownfield development will tie into this design. Also failed to be disclosed was the basic consideration that was given in the design to ensure enough room for the future Southeast Bus Rapid Transit Corridor.The community does not feel that the guidelines for IAP2 (…) were met, and that attempts to satisfy this requirement were minimal at best. “Affected Residents” should have included people affected by; loss or limited access to an area, loss of amenities, loss of jobs and loss of rental space residential and business.

This project has more then doubled in size and in original cost projections. The project in its current state risks damage to Happyland Park, loss of homes for residents and hundreds of lost jobs in local businesses!

We request this project be stopped!

Requested by ;
Seine River Bonivital Residents Association
on behalf of our community


Nous encourageons fortement le conseil municipal de Winnipeg d’arrêter l’élargissement de la rue Marion et l’aménagement d’un carrefour à niveaux différents, inscrit dans le Plan Winnipeg depuis 2001 et identifié comme une priorité à court terme dans le Plan directeur des transports de Winnipeg.

Le plan actuel a de nombreux défauts et trop d’information n’a pas été divulgué aux résidents par Travaux publics ou MMM Group Consulting. Ils ont manqué d’informer les résident que le développement du public Brownfield sera lié à cette conception et en outre, il ont omis le fait qu’on a assuré assez de place dans l’étude de base pour le futur Corridor Sud-Est du Bus Rapid Transit.

La communauté ne croit pas que les lignes directrices du IAP2 (…) ont été satisfaites et que les efforts de répondre à ces exigences étaient minimes, au mieux. “Résidents affectés” devraient comprendre des gens affectés par les suivants; une perte de ou un accès limité à une zone, la perte d’agréments, la perte d’emplois et la perte de la location d’espace résidentiel et d’affaires.

Ce projet a plus que doublé de taille ainsi qu’en coût projeté initialement. Le projet actuel risque d’endommager Happyland Park, de perdre des maisons de résidents et causer la perte des centaines d’emplois dans les entreprises locales!

Nous demandons que ce projet soit arrêté!

Demandé par ;

Seine Bonivital Residents Association
au nom de notre communauté

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