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October 29, 2015

What is a Bleve? Train Car

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Video of a Train Car Bleve.

Factor #1: What material is involved in the container fire? While unstable, reactive, and explosive materials in any container are dangerous, if these commodities are impinged by fire it may be time to back off quickly to a safe distance. A quick check of the 2000 Department of Transportation (DOT) Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) will lead you to Guide #112 for explosives such as bombs and artillery. This guide states that if a railcar or trailer of explosives is involved in fire, isolate for a 1,600-meter perimeter

In our area that is most of St. Boniface!! 1,600 perimeter would reach as far as Provencher and Windsor Park from where the CPR Emerson line and CN line cross! Google Earth Pro, ruler feature is a real quick way to get a real world visual. Considering in the video the train car flew 3/4 of a mile you would have to be near the outer edge of this circle to be safe in a worst case scenario.


Marion Resident held meetings

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May 27th, 2015 Resident held meeting Matt Allard in attendance.


Canada’s Grade Crossings Regulations at-a-glance


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October 21, 2015

Marion not off the table

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Marion Widening and Grade Separation
It’s not over until the current design is off the table. Please make sure to get your complaints in to;

Coun. Matthew Allard E-mail:
ph: (204) 396-4636

Mayor Brian Bowman E-mail:
ph:(204) 986-5665

Prem. Greg Selinger E-mail:
ph: (204) 945-3714

Dan Vandal E-mail:
Phone: (204) 289-1795

Feel free to cc/bcc our association on any e-mail complaints–mayor.html

File a Complaint

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Problems with the shredder? Smell, dust, noise, shaking, fire or smoke?

Please print off the form in the link below and submit it to


October 8, 2015

Marion in the news

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Interesting article on the WFP…/Scrap-the-250-million-33…

However this community never envisioned an over pass as this article quotes. This area anticipated simple upgrades to the intersection with a small underpass. Image attached of what we found from the Winnipeg DMIS(Minutes Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Jan. 16th 2012) site that shows what this entire neighbourhood expected and would not have been in opposition of.

What our area expected with a small underpass by the train;

This image was on Page 7 of;
Minutes – Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works –
January 16, 2012
Minute No. 41 Traffic Analysis – Archibald Street and Marion Street
(St. Boniface Ward)
The Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works concurred in the
recommendation of the Winnipeg Public Service that the concept plan developed for
improvements to the Archibald Street/Marion Street intersection in the report dated December 5,
2011, be considered in the development of the “Marion Street Widening/Grade Separation and
Improvements – Archibald to Lagimodiere” project identified in the Winnipeg Transportation
Master Plan.

Coun. Matt Allard wants to scrap the plans for a major overhaul at the intersection of Marion and Archibald streets in Winnipeg.
Plans for an underpass at Marion and Archibald may have …
St. Boniface councillor raises concerns over underpass plan for Marion and Archibald
CTV has confirmed Matt Allard has concerns about the project’s price tag and how it will impact the neighbourhood.


Marion Underpass is too big, too expensive; Councillor
A massive underpass project at Marion St. and Archibald St. is getting the cold shoulder from residents, businesses and even the area’s councillor.|By Lorraine Nickel
How to ease congestion with a hammer – Winnipeg Free Press
In another era, the residents of the neighbourhood at Marion Avenue and Archibald Street, upset abou… – Editorials – Winnipeg Free Press.
St. Boniface residents, businesses add their voices to scrap massive interchange
Coun. Matt Allard wants to scrap the plans for a major overhaul at the intersection of Marion and Archibald streets in Winnipeg.
Marion Street interchange project ‘likely dead’: public works committee chairwoman – Winnipeg…
A group of St. Boniface residents says it believes its opposition to the $250-million Marion Street … – Local – Winnipeg Free Press.

What is missed driving by?

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What do you not see when you just drive by this area? How can you reasonably form an opinion on an Area’s worth when you drive by but never see what is hidden within.

Did you know we also have our own Community Club? “Archwood Community Centre

walkingbridge giroux deniset ArchwoodDufresne1 2 3 4

New Shredder images

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Recent Video of the shredder located on Messier, off Archibald, North of Marion.

!cid_DE1F397B-DE5F-4C70-AE81-89881B20AEC9 !cid_D13C9EFF-B3BD-4372-A3C3-446D68FB509A !cid_968A9E6E-C902-48EB-9025-E4F99EBAD87F !cid_49CD11C0-70E4-4F55-8FCE-667AD0550016 !cid_23D6BD0E-5DF1-4E3B-9FC2-6D6145FE4460 !cid_6DCA03A7-FD3B-4F30-9FB5-86F44673745D !cid_0DA3DC33-38D4-4BFB-8D2D-5076E30C44D3

October 6, 2015

Marty on Coun. Allard email

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Marty Gold discusses Coun. Matt Allard’s email to our association.

Email from Matt Allard

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Our association received this email attached in the images below from Coun. Matt Allard today, we are cautiously optimistic.

Matt1 Matt2

October 3, 2015

Transit Oriented Development

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So what type of Transit development is the City of Winnipeg moving towards; Transit Oriented Development (TOD) or Transit Adjacent Development (TAD)?

Considering “True” TOD requires;

  • Existing foot traffic to assist in increasing ridership (which will be destroyed by the proposed Marion intersection)
  • A definition of place (which will be destroyed with the loss of businesses and Park space and amenities)
  • A walkable neighbourhood, creating pedestrian-friendly street networks that directly connect local destinations (which will be destroyed by the separation of the area with concrete walls sound barriers and retaining walls and removal of businesses).
  • include a mix of uses — residential, retail and commercial (the vast majority of our businesses and small shops will be gone)

TAD is considered to be failed attempt at TOD. By creating an environment that caters to cars, and putting stations where the only intent is to wait for a bus with no sense of “place”, decreased sense of safety and is also considered a lost opportunity for development.

How can the City of Winnipeg reasonably say that planned Marion Widening and Grade Separation is a Transit Oriented Design? When all factors point to Transit Adjacent Development? As one article below states TAD is TOD gone bad, and breaks all the rules that make TOD work.


Interesting Articles

“One of the greatest limitations on the current crop of TODs is that not enough attention has been paid to making them attractive and pedestrian-friendly places. Trips to the store, to visit neighbours, to the park, or to sit in a coffee shop and watch the world go by should be both negotiable on foot and a delight to those walking. If transit is inserted into a healthy pedestrian environment, then pedestrians can easily become transit riders.”

“Transit-oriented development fosters greater use of a transit system by supporting housing and/or commercial development within walking distance of transit stations, offering a diversity of land uses and pedestrian-oriented design. Where such development has occurred, residents use transit five times as often as those who drive to the station and non-auto mode shares are substantially higher than in neighbourhoods where every trip must be made by car.”

“TAD is TOD gone bad, development that is adjacent to transit but breaks all the rules that make TOD work, like making public spaces the focus of building orientation and neighbourhood activity; creating pedestrian-friendly street networks that directly connect local destinations; and providing a mix of housing types, densities and costs.”

TOD Standard

“The place that cars occupy in urban space and as a mode of urban transport should be drastically limited. This is reflected in Principle 8 | Shift, which awards 20 out of a total 100 points with emphasis on minimizing space for cars. Land uses and urban forms should be organized to support walking as the primary form of mobility, by providing safe, active, continuous, and well-connected pedestrian spaces within dense, mixed and accessible neighbourhoods interconnected by public transport.”



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