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November 29, 2015

Metal Shredder

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Videos of the Metal Shredder

Questions still

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Will officials stay good to their word? 

Letter sent to our area during the Federal Election 2015 from Dan Vandal SRBVRA (2)

Letter sent to our area during the Federal Election 2015 from Matt Allard matts letter


“Rail lines have divided our capital city for too long. It is time to move the tracks and open up opportunities for urban renewal. #mbpoli”|By Greg Selinger

Shredder and ground water

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No system to ensure no contamination from run off of storm water or to prevent ground water contamination. Shouldn’t we be concerned about this?

“The water that supplies aquifers and wells that billions of people rely on around the world is mostly a non-renewable resource that could run out…

While many people may think groundwater is replenished by rain and melting snow the way lakes and rivers are, underground water is actually renewed much more slowly.
In fact, just six per cent of the groundwater around the world is replenished within a “human lifetime” of 50 years…

That water tends to be mainly found within a few hundred metres of the surface, where it is most vulnerable to being contaminated by pollution or depleted by higher temperatures…”

With all the mess from high pollution/high hazard industries in Wpg, you would think Environment Protection would be somewhat more concerned and more careful in granting the environment licences.…/technology/groundwater-study-1.3318137

The water that supplies aquifers and wells that billions of people rely on around the world is mostly a non-renewable resource that could run out, a new Canadian-led study suggests.

Chromium Danger in the Air

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Scientists learning more about chromium danger in air

In pockets of Houston where convenient bayous and paved thoroughfares help bring metal buyers and metal sellers together, what longtime residents notice is the granular coating that sticks to their cars and patio tables. The levels…

Metal Shredder Elkhart

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Mega Shredder – Elkhart Residents Tell Pilsen Neighbors Of Their Experience

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Shredder Complaints

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Metal Shredder Complaints

All complaints have been forwarded to our City(Councillor & Mayor), Provincial and Federal representatives as well at the Environmental Compliance Officer.

Business “gassy, wet paint fumes. It’s a gross smell I’m not sure exactly what to describe the smell like. My client often complain. Who allowed the shredder in the area with so many familys”

Business “chemical smell tired of smelling it. I have clients that come to my work and they ask me what is that smell outside.”

Business “In my opinion they shouldn’t of built a big shredder so close to residential areas’

Business “Loud noise/explosions loud variety of disturbances/smoke. Foul smell”

Resident “Move out of the area, health risk”

Resident “diesel smell, thick black smoke, explosion, noise, white dust. I have 3 small children who I worry about long term health and developmental issues. Also concerned about explosions and all the combustibles in the area. Very dangerous & want them gone!”

Resident “Strong diesel smells, smoke, noise, dust & explosion daily in my area. Don’t want to open windows to breath it in and fear health risk. We Keep calling the fire dept due to smoke. Get rid of these businesses before a major disaster occurs with the trains.”

Resident “Noise, smoke, dust particles, fluff. Putting my health at risk. We ask that you move these dangerous companies. Too close to railway lines, accident waiting to happen.”

Resident “unclean air, smokey, smelly. Will refrain from going outside unhealthy for my dog and myself. Train tracks to close. Is it another Speedway fire waiting to happen?”

Resident “The bad diesel smells, smoke, explosions, shaking of house & metal dust”




November 16, 2015


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Metal Shredder Complaints

Local business complaint – Smell of toxic air, diesel-like, spanned a large area. Makes me sick to my stomach. Poor air quality is unacceptable!

Local business complaint – Smell, smoke, noise, vibration building and ground, dust or haze, hard to breathe, explosion. My staff and I have a hard time breathing can’t function at times because of the explosions & smokes, eye & throat irritation. This is disrupting my business and affecting the health of me and my employees. Should not be allowed to operate in this city.

Local business complaint – Noise/smoke/smell/build shake, notice dust and fluff on vehicles. We think this is putting our health at risk. A place like this should not be in a populated community. Places like this should be out of the city.

Local resident complaint – Noise, smell, smokes, explosions(loud). Our breathing & the risk of our health long term health, noise is disruptive. The chance of a major catastrophe these companies should be outside the perimeter.

Local resident complaint – Smells+smoke+noise. Noise is disruptive to our daily lives & also the smoke & smells. Remove from our area as we don’t want a speedway explosion of great magnitude to happen.

Local resident complaint – Smells, smoke, noise, explosions. The smoke affects my breathing difficult times, have to wear breathing mask more often bothers my breathing, noise terrible.

Local resident complaint – Smoke, hazy. Difficulty breath. Please move them out of this residential area.

Local resident complaint – Noise, smoke & smell. Breathing, had to ambulance our child to hospital this morning and may bring him back tonight. These shredder are risking the health & our community & our child. Very concerned about contamination & radioactive materials. Too close to railroad & our house. Get out of the city limits.

November 15, 2015

Metal Recycling

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“When not contained properly, metals such as lead, mercury, copper, zinc and cadmium can have serious health effects for people and wildlife.”…/sims-recycling-plant-hazardous…/

The Metal Shredder in our community is located within 2 miles from our downtown area. Depending on where the wind blows, will determine where the pollution goes. Why aren’t more people concerned about this? The waste from this type of industry is described as hazardous and toxic.

California state law is ordering regulators to tighten oversight of metal recyclers.

November 14, 2015


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Metal shredder Complaints

Local business complaint-Daily smoke, dust and haze and odour in area, feel ill and difficult to breath from smoke

Local resident complaint-Smoke, dust, metallic shards on my vehicle. Hard to breath, sore throat and son’s asthma has gotten worse since August.

Local business complaint- Nauseous smoke with distinct smell of paint. Bad taste in mouth, eye irritation.

Local business complaint-Large cloud of smoke from building, smells like fresh paint. Fumes constant. Eyes burning and burning feeling in nose & throat when breathing outside.

Local business complaint-Ongoing issue. Loud interruptions throughout the day, paint like smell. Smell is unbearable at times, coating left on cars in parking lot.

Local business complaint-Clouds of smoke smells like chemicals, strong smell of paint, throat and eyes burning when outside. Feel sick nauseous. Smell is very strong burning throat.

Local business complaint-Smell of burnt rubber, plastic, paint, aluminum. Thick smoke. Bad taste-sore throat at times.

Local business complaint-Explosion/fire odour afterwards, also odour earlier that day that was distinct. Annoyed with odour as it was fairly strong.

Local business complaint-Explosion with fire shooting from machinery. It made my eyes and throat sore. Cannot believe something like this is allowed within city limits!

Local business complaint-Smoke and smell daily, smells like melting paint. Burning lungs, difficulty breathing, burning eyes, headaches. Vibrations, noise.

Local business complaint-Smoke and a strong odour making it hard to breathe.


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