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December 12, 2015

Metal Shredder – CTV

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Seven stations respond to fire at car shredder
A big blaze at a metal recycler Thursday afternoon kept fire fighters on their toes.

December 11, 2015

Summary of Comments 2008 Shredder

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Two businesses from the same type of industry raised concerns over the proposed Shredder in 2008, and this didn’t raise any concern with our Provincial Government?

Shredder Fire Dec 10th

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Fire Dec 10th 4:15pm

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Shredder – CBC

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St. Boniface metal shredder fire raises safety concerns
A fire at a metal shredding facility in Winnipeg’s St. Boniface area on Thursday afternoon has people living nearby worried about the business.

Shredder – Global News

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Fire at a St.Boniface metal shredding facility Thursday afternoon
Global News|By hollyalexandruk

Residents urge city..

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Residents urge city to go with first plan
A group of St. Boniface residents who mobilized neighbours against a city plan to redevelop the Marion-Archibald intersection into a massive freeway say they want city hall to adopt the original 2012 plan to upgrade the intersection. Residents…

World Alternative Media – Shredder

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December 8, 2015

Auto Shredder Residue(ASR)

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“Since 1984, ASW has been regulated as a non-Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous waste in California due to the presence of lead, cadmium, copper, and zinc at levels above the State’s regulatory thresholds.”…/Pre…/32_19A_SpecialWasteHolmes.pdf

Piles in St.Boniface

Seine River Bonivital Residents Association's photo.

Shredder Complaints

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Resident – Noise, bad diesel rubber burning smell, smoke & particulars of fluff and dust in the air.

Resident – House shaking, air odour, hazy smoke filled air, heavy dust, silt particulars and white fluff blowing in the air. Keeps me from opening windows, blocking fresh air, concerns over breathing, coughing- asthmatic person. Let’s move them out of the city limits. No more explosions like the Speedway. Too close to railway lines, adding more personal risk.

Resident – Smell, explosion, smoke, dust. Health at risk, Please remove.

Resident – Bad gas smell in area, thick smoke. Move out of area, putting kids at risk.

Resident – Noise, house shakes, diesel smell, smoke in air. Breathing fear of cancer. Move out of the city are we waiting for another explosion like the speedway.

Resident – Odours, smoke. Having the shredder close to the tracks is a disaster waiting to happen – possible relocation?

Resident – Smoke, diesel smell, house rattles, noise. Hard to breathe. Move away.

Resident – Noise, smells, hazy smoke. Move out of the city to close to the railroad tracks.

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