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January 19, 2016

Bigger does not mean better

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Remember, bigger does not mean better. Let’s plan more efficient infrastructure. Traffic flow has several elements to consider.…/it-took-51-more-time-to-d…/

It Took 51% More Time to Drive Out Katy Freeway in 2014 Than in 2011 – Houston Tomorrow
Houston commutes continue to get worse despite billions in spending on new road capacity.…

Concerned about potential risks

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Why would we be concerned about potential risks to health, environment and wildlife from a metal recycling industry? Why would we be pushing to have our government officials ensure testing is done and there is proper oversight of this industry? This one will require a bit a of reading.

This PDF link is from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – U.S Department of Labor. Although this addresses risks of the industry for a worker and precautions to take, it states some of the things they can be exposed to and related health risk, starting on Page 18(Page 16 on the PDF file). Hexavalent Chromium exposure is referenced on page 22(Page 20 on the PDF file), although many others are listed.…/OSHA3348-metal-scrap-recycling.pdf

Then you read the following articles from Houston, where there is again reference to Hexavalent Chromium.………/polluta…/particulates.php

This starts to raise concerns of why government agency oversight is lacking and leaves us wondering why air quality testing has not already been followed up on.

January 5, 2016

Halifax looking at Commuter rail, why not Winnipeg?

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Halifax Commuter Rail Feasibility Study, why isn’t Winnipeg looking at this possibility as well?…/documents/CommuterRailPresentation…

Rail Relocation

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Maybe save a few lines, throw in a commuter train? It would look a lot more progressive then the current standard of BRT.…/Embracing-the-idea-of-re…

It’s time to embrace the idea of relocating Winnipeg’s rail lines: proponents
Relocating Winnipeg’s rail lines out of the city would be a massive undertaking, but several expensive projects to go over, under and around existing lines —…

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