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May 26, 2016

Concern of Metals in air

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Do we know what is being put in the air in St. Boniface? Pending testing/results to know for sure. Is there lead in our air?
“long-term exposure to lead can cause serious health problems”

Grandfathering Clauses for industry should not bypass environmental protections.

The Audio on this article is worth a listen!

Officials want north Minneapolis metal shredder permit pulled over pollution
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is pushing to revoke the air quality permit of Northern Metal Recycling, saying the firm has misled the agency and is…|By Matt Sepic

Concern of Radioactive Materials

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Another reason to be concerned with Metal Recycling in our city, how do we know they have detectors to prevent radioactive materials from entering their site?…/radioactive-scrap-psc-meta…/

Environmental agencies identify PSC shredder as source of radioactive contamination – RT -…
Scrap shredded in Pennsylvania was later shipped to Ohio.

May 24, 2016

Update Variance/Conditional Use

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563 Cote St Recommended approval by City Planners, rejected at Appeal hearing. Found not suitable having a four plex mid block risk of over development. City plans to move to limiting mid street to duplexes, until it is in their planning guidelines they have to be deal with each individually. 249 Thomas Berry Street is another reference point, if you are against this type of development mid street.


912 Archibald Recommended rejection by City Planners, rejected at Board of Adjustment hearing. Matt Allard spoke in regards to this development.

421 Edgewood Recommended approval by City Planners, rejected at Board of Adjustment hearing. Found not suitable for the area.

Please watch your area for signs each has 17 days to appeal this decision.

May 15, 2016

Energy East & Winnipeg`s water

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Our Environment Act & licensing desperately needs reform. Industries should not be doing their own Environmental Assessments and should not be self-monitoring. The public needs to be informed before licences are granted. Please make this an election issue! Keep asking about it.…/energy-east-and-winnipegs-wate…/

On March 17, TransCanada, in the person of Gary Houston, responded to Maude Barlow’s March 14…

421 Edgewood St

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421 Edgewood Variance/Conditional Use (Corner of Youville and Edgewood) Proposed 6 unit two-storey(29ft height) Multi family dwelling. Board of Adjustment hearing May 18th, 2016 @ 5pm Council Building 510 Main Street. Please attend if you have concerns in regards to this development.

912 Archibald St

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912 Archibald Variance/Conditional Use adjourned to May 18th, 2016 @ 5pm Council Building 510 Main Street. Please attend if this affects you!

Terry Edmunds's photo.
Terry Edmunds to South St Boniface Residents Association

Hello we live on Archibald st and have a monster of a condo going up at the corner of Elizabeth Rd and Archibald st we have told the developer that we don’t want this and he I’d going through with it any way it will block 3-5 neighbors of sun light.. the north facing windows will over look 3-5 back yards.. the 20 parking spaces in the back will add a minimum of 20 to 45 cars going down our back lane that is now concrete that we paid for. My children along with the other families play basketball road hockey walk learn to ride there bikes in the back lane. That is what we have for a street we need help to get this stopped. ..

$250 Appeal fee

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South St Boniface Residents Association shared Matt Allard‘s post on Facebook March 16th

Matt Allard

Yesterday I presented before EPC, arguing for the removal from the 2016 Budget of a proposed $250 fee for residents wishing to appeal a development application in their neighbourhood. I felt that this would present a barrier for residents having a voice in the changing face of their communities.

I am pleased to see it was removed from the Budget this morning. Thank you Mayor Bowman and EPC. This was the right thing to do.


Our Association letter that was presented on this issue.


Where to send Complaints?

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More Complaints coming in about the Metal Shredder. Where to report when there is an issue you notice in your area?

Complaints to – Environmental Compliance and Enforcement – Government of Manitoba

Don Labossiere
Director Conservation & Water Stewardship Ph (204)-945-7005

Julie Froese
Environment Officer
Conservation & Water Stewardship Ph (204) 945-7104

Emergency Number: (204) 944-4888

Feel free to cc our association on any emails

Ensure Counc. Matt Allard remains aware of the ongoing issues

Why Houston is back on the bus

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After just 4 months, Houston has increased bus ridership by 10% !…/28/why-houston-is-back-on-the-…

Why Houston is Back on the Bus
Just four months after making adjustments to its system, Houston buses have seen a 10% increase in ridership. This video shows how and why they did it.

Archwood Street Improvements

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(Originally posted on Facebook)
Matt Allard's photo.

Matt Allard

Great News for Archwood Neighbourhood and East St. Boniface!

Four Archwood Streets are scheduled to receive a “TBO” project this summer; the Thin Bituminous Overlay (Asphalt) project will resurface and repair these streets.

City streets are ranked in categories from New/Good/Fair/Poor. Streets that are in “poor” condition are essentially those that are beyond saving or maintaining, and will ultimately require a total rebuild. Redoing a street from the bottom up is an extremely expensive procedure, it can cost up to $500,000 for one block of roadway to do.

Much less expensive is to maintain and extend the lifespan of streets that are in the ‘low-good’ or ‘mid-fair’ range, to keep them in good condition before they fall into the ‘poor’ category and must be patched up one pothole at a time until the city can get to them for a rebuild.

The “TBO” program can extend the lifespan of a street by as much as 15-20 years if it is performed a few times over that period, at considerably less expense. This principle of “asset management” is applied in cities around the world and, ultimately, it is one of the long term solutions to our infrastructure deficit. If we can keep our existing stock of roadway in good condition while we bring other, failed roads up to par one-by-one, we will eventually have a more sustainable road network at less cost.

If you have any questions, please let me know by phone or e-mail! 204-396-4636 or

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