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June 26, 2016

524 Cherrier St – How to Appeal

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524 Cherrier Street – How to Appeal as requested by some residents.
Letters must be received no later then 4:30pm July 7,2016.
Conditional use & Variance numbers to reference;
DCU 123246/2016C & DAV 123251/2016C
City Clerk, City of Winnipeg
c/o Appeal Committee
Administration Building
Main Floor, 510 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1B9
Fax: 204-947-3452
*attach a copy of your signed letter to the email*
If you are in opposition of the development, you would be in support of an appeal.
If you are in support of the development, you would be in opposition to an appeal.

June 25, 2016

421 Edgewood St – Notice of Appeal

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NOTICE OF APPEAL – 421 Edgewood St.
Appeals Committee – Thursday, July 7th 2016 at 9am Council Building, 510 Main Street.
The developer is appealing the Board of Adjustment decision to deny a proposed 6plex on a corner double lot on Edgewood St.
If you were there for the Board of Adjustment hearing it is Critical you attend this hearing.
Why is this a concern?
– This is on a portion of Edgewood that dead ends at the river/walking bridge.
– It is on the corner of Youville which is not a major throughfare
– Only 6 other homes are on this side of the street.
– It proposes to double the density of that entire section of the street with one development. Thereby drastically changing the character of that section of the street.
– This street is recognized as a bicycle path by the City of Winnipeg.

Provencher Farmers Market

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Provencher Farmer’s Market Fridays, 10am to 2 pm (every Friday June 24 to September 30)
We have been asked to share this event. If you have a chance stop by and check it out please do


Community Meeting update

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Photos from our June 22nd Community Meeting

One big announcement from Matt Allard at our meeting was $200,000 in funding for the Park. Feedback from the community was very positive.

In addition to concerns we mentioned in our presentation, which included;
– Improvements and maintenance of parks
– Industrial hazards, and risk related to rail
– Rail rationalization, and dangerous cargo through the city
– Train derailments that have happened
– Maintenance of infrastructure roads and sidewalks
– Bus Rapid Transit, southeast corridor
– Marion Widening and its negative impact on the community
– Local Businesses and Walkability
– Infill development – impact on the community while not addressing affordable housing.

Additional concerns that were raised;
– Archwood School and the speed limit on Archibald, there is significant concern from Parents and the School to reduce the speed to 30. Or at the minimum have it reduced like Provencher to 50.
– Additional Industrial concerns that have been raised to our attention.

Thank you to Matt Allard and Greg Selinger for participating in this meeting and to everyone that attended to show their support and express their concerns. Thank you to everyone that made a donation to assist us in continuing to raise awareness of the issues in our area.

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June 6, 2016

Community Meeting

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Let us know on Facebook if you can attend:


South St. Boniface Residents Association (SSBRA)

It’s not over! Talk about changes to Marion & Archibald have started up again!


In spring of 2015, the city of Winnipeg planned to put a freeway at the corner of Marion & Archibald, taking out part of Happyland and about 80 mature trees & threatening the expropriation of 140 homes & businesses as well as adding sound barrier walls to most streets.  We joined forces and formed SSBRA to stop the project.


Our objectives are:

  •        To promote the general quality of residential and economic life in and around the South St Boniface area.
  •        To provide education and relevant information regarding the development of our community
  •        To promote a sense of community within the South St. Boniface area
  •        To provide a unified voice for the residents of South St. Boniface

Community meeting Wednesday June 22, 2016

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. @ Archwood CC

565 Guilbault St, Winnipeg


  •         Marion & Archibald changes – we want real public consultation
  •         Environment and Health Concerns
  •         Bus Rapid Transit
  •         Increase in amount and size of multi-family dwellings
  •         Improvements to parks & amenities (such as a river walk)


Come share your concerns & find out what we’re working on.  If you are interested in helping to protect and bring positive changes to the area, please email the association at to let us know that you are interested in attending.

*Donations welcomed. Any amount you can offer will be greatly appreciated in order to help fund our activities such as printing flyers that assist in raising awareness*

Email: – Website: – Twitter: @SSB_RA
Facebook: South Saint Boniface Residents Association


South St. Boniface Residents Association (SSBRA)

On parle toujours des changements à la rue Marion & à la rue Archibald!


Depuis le printemps de 2015, la ville de Winnipeg avait l’intention de placer un échangeur au coin de Marion & Archibald. Afin d’accomplir ceci, on devait nous enlever une partie du parc Happyland, environ 80 arbres centenaires, démolir plus que 140 propriétés et commerces, ainsi qu’ajouter des murs-barrières sonores au bout de la majorité des rues.  Les résidents ont uni leurs forces pour former le SSBRA en vue d’arrêter le projet.


Nos objectifs sont de:

  • Promouvoir la qualité de vie résidentielle et économique à l’intérieur et autour du quartier de St Boniface sud
  • Fournir des informations pertinentes au développement de notre communauté
  • Promouvoir un sens de communauté le quartier de St. Boniface Sud
  • Fournir une voix unie pour les résidents du quartier de St Boniface Sud


Réunion communautaire mercredi 22 juin 2016

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. au Centre communautaire Archwood

565 rue Guilbault, Winnipeg


Sujets abordés:

  • Changements prévus – Marion et Archibald – nous voulons une vraie consultation publique
  • Inquiétudes environnementales et de santé – danger, pollution & trains
  • Transport rapide en commun
  • Augmentation du montant et de la grandeur de logements multi familiaux
  • Améliorations des parcs et des équipements (tel que la promenade riveraine)


Venez partager vos idées & découvrir ce que nous faisons.

Si vous êtes intéressés à protéger et à améliorer notre quartier, svp envoyez-nous un courriel au pour nous dire que vous voulez assister à la réunion.

*Tous les dons seront appréciés et nous aident à financer nos activités telles qu’imprimer nos circulaires*

Adresse courriel:  –  site web:  –  Twitter: @SSB_RA
Facebook: South Saint Boniface Residents Association


June 3, 2016

524 Cherrier St. June 15

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Live in the Dufresne area? You may want to attend this hearing for the Board of Adjustment Wednesday June 15th at 5:00pm Council Building 510 Main Street. In regards to a proposed Multi-Family dwelling at 524 Cherrier St.

524 Cherrier

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