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August 22, 2016

Marion Widening Sept 19th at Public Works Committee

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IMPORTANT UPDATE – Date Changed to Monday Sept 19th, 2016 11:am – North Committee Room

Marion Widening and Grade Separation
Public Works Committee, City Hall
Sept 19th 11:00am.
It is time to have your say at City Hall!

Thank you Matt Allard for providing our association the information for this date!

In spring of 2015, the city of Winnipeg planned to put a freeway at the corner of Marion & Archibald, taking out part of Happyland and about 80 mature trees & threatening the expropriation of 140 homes & businesses as well as adding sound barrier walls to most streets.  During our researching, we learned that this intersection design accommodated room for the future Southeast Bus Rapid Transit corridor that eventually would go between the CPR Emerson Line and Archibald.

At the June 22nd Community Meeting, our Councillor Matt Allard brought to the community’s attention that this would be going before the Public Works Committee on September 19th of this year. The official agenda will not be published for this meeting until September 16th so there is always a slight chance for change.

To Register you can contact the following people at the City Clerk’s Department on or after August 22nd, 2016;

Location: City Hall 510 Main St.

Date & Time: September 19th, 2016 at 11:00am

It is time to have your say at City Hall! Let them know how you feel about the proposal from April 2015 and how this would affect you. Let them know your opinions on the consultation process that left so many residents and businesses out of the process! Please register as soon as you can!

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Durant le printemps 2015,  la Ville de Winnipeg a planifié de construire un FREEWAY à l’intersection de Marion et Archibald. Cela va affecter une partie de Happyland, 80 arbres matures et pourrait occasionner l’expropriation de 140 propriétés (résidentielles et commerciales);  ajouté à cela, la construction de plusieurs murs pour bloquer le son. Durant nos recherches, nous avons appris que le design de cette intersection permet aussi de mettre  en place un corridor du transport rapide Sud-est qui va éventuellement aller de la ligne CPR Emersion à Archibald.


À la rencontre communautaire du 22 juin 2016,  notre conseiller Matt Allard nous a annoncé que le sujet sera discuté devant le Comité des travaux publics de la Ville de Winnipeg le 19 septembre 2016. L’ordre du jour de cette rencontre sera connu le 16 septembre, donc nous avons encore une petite  chance pour qu’il y ait des changements. S’il vous plaît songez à y assister ou faites parvenir vos inquiétudes. Vous pouvez utiliser notre formulaire et le déposez à Hair Passion sur la rue Marion. Nous serons heureux de livrer votre message à l’hôtel de ville.


Pour s’inscrire, vous pouvez contacter les personnes suivantes au bureau du greffier de la ville à partir du 22 aout 2016;

  • Destiny au (204) 986-5671
  • Carlos au (204) 986-6631
  • Ou par email Attn: Public Works Committee, s’il vous plaît mettre en cc notre association


Lieu : Ville de Winnipeg, 510 Main St.

Date et heure: le 19 septembre, 2016 à 11h 


Il est temps de dire ce que nous avons à dire à la ville de Winnipeg ! et de dire ce que nous pensons de la proposition faite le 25 avril et comment elle nous affecte. Donnons notre opinion sur le processus de consultation qui n’était pas vraiment inclusif. s’il vous plaît, inscrivez-vous le plus tôt possible.

August 15, 2016

Marion Widening more news soon!

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More news about the Marion Widening Proposal will be coming soon!

In the meantime, here are some points to think about.

The Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Standard is an assessment tool used for the planning and design of land use and sustainable transport. The TOD Standard score-card lists 8 principles on which ratings are based.

If the Marion Widening plan which included allowances for the future southeast bus rapid transit corridor were to go through as proposed in 2015, these are the principles of Transit Oriented Development it would completely fail at achieving.

Principle 1: Walk: Active building edges transforming walkways into vibrant public spaces.

– The 2015 plan called for the removal of businesses which would severely limit the opportunity to transform walkways into vibrant public spaces.

Principle 3: Connect: Require a highly connected network of paths and streets around small, permeable blocks.

– The 2015 plan included sound barrier walls cutting off neighbourhoods which would severely hamper connectivity.

Principle 5: Mix: When there is a balanced mix of complementary uses and activities with a local area (e.g., a mix of residences, workplaces and local retail commerce).

– The 2015 called for the expropriation of 140 homes and businesses which would have removed the vast majority of small local retail commerce in the area.

Principle 8: Shift: When cities are shaped by the principles, personal motor vehicles become largely unnecessary in day-to-day life. Walking, cycling and the use of high-capacity transit are easy and convenient. Scarce and valuable urban space resources can be reclaimed from unnecessary roads and parking, and can be reallocated to more socially and economically productive uses.

– The current proposed Marion widening creates large unnecessary road infrastructure that would take away from scarce and valuable urban spaces, and would create an environment that caters to cars only. With its main objective being the elimination of long train wait times, one has to wonder how successful it would even be at catering to cars with another rail line just down Marion,.

When a city is planning the development of a rapid transit system, it should not fail at half of the main principles in place to make Transit Oriented Development work.…/transit-…/the-tod-standard-scorecard/

The TOD Standard Scorecard – Institute for Transportation and Development Policy

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