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November 9, 2016

Marion Consultants – City Council

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Marion Widening re: Consultants
Expected to be discussed at City Council
Wednesday Nov. 16th meeting 9:30am

If you still have concerns regarding this project and the consultants that viewed many area residents as ‘unaffected’, please register with the City Clerks Desk as a delegation for the meeting.

Destiny at (204) 986-5671
Carlos at (204) 986-6631
Or by email

Please ensure to confirm details with City Clerks Desk, in case there are any potential date changes.

If you haven’t already, feel free to review our report on the Marion Widening and Grade Separation and consultation process.

November 7, 2016

Public Works meeting today?

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Missed the Public Works meeting today, in regards to Marion Widening and Consultation?
Delegations speak at; 59:40, Further discussion about it before voting at; 02:31:57

City officials voted for MMM Group to receive additional funds to continue consultation. Councillor Allard, Councillor Morantz, Councillor Browaty and Councillor Sharma all voted in favour.

City administration showed concern over the lack of public trust due to the process that played out.

Watch City of Winnipeg’s Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and…

November 4, 2016

City Admin recommending same Consultant

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City administration is recommending council use the same consulting firm St. Boniface residents hold responsible for the controversial $500-million Marion Street underpass project to begin neighbourhood consultations for a scaled-back version.While administration is now recommending the massive Mari…

Email to all Counc & Mayor

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Our email that went to all the City Councillors and the Mayor in regards to the Nov. 7th Meeting, and was sent on Thursday Nov 3rd. Due to lack of notification we wanted to ensure our communities concerns continue to be heard.

Dear members of the Public Works Committee,

We apologize for the lateness of our letter however we did not receive notice of the meeting agenda and have only stumbled upon it by checking daily on the Winnipeg DMIS site.

We would like to ensure that the concerns raised by the South Saint Boniface Residents Association and the area residents at the September 19th meeting be taken into consideration when the final decision is made regarding whether or not the same consultants are to be used to study smaller scale alternatives to the previously proposed Marion Widening design. With the recent changes in the membership of this committee, we thought it would be prudent to review residential and business concerns.

The two main areas of concern are:

1- No residents or businesses outside of expropriations were considered affected and thus were not contacted by the city-hired consultants. However, those who would be left after expropriations are the very residents and businesses who would have been dealing with the aftermath of the Marion Widening Design.

2- Because no input was sought from the very residents and businesses that were considered unaffected by the city, an opportunity to tap into the knowledge and living-experience of the area was missed. Some of the key issues regarding the design such as those in the following list were concerns brought up by the residents:

– the appeal of the neighbourhood would be lost

– design elements actually added danger and hazardous condition

– the design provided a purely cosmetic buffer zone to mitigate between the residents and the industrial area

– the design completely overlooked the need for a good disaster management and evacuation plan

– the design drastically hampered walkability since most of the nearby businesses would be expropriated and the walls cutting off the neighbourhoods would make the areas less safe to walk in

– ease of access to Transit was hampered due to the walls

– the only exit out of the Dufresne area would have blind spots due to its’ close proximity to a sharp corner

Almost a million dollars was spent on a study of a design that would have essentially devastated the area. The consultants that the city hired could have better engaged the area residents in order to have had a more productive use of city funds. As it stands, that million dollars of the public purse has essentially been wasted.

Please consider reviewing the South Saint Boniface Residents Association report on the Marion Widening design for a much more in depth analysis.

Please also reference the petitions on public record that were submitted at the Sept 19th meeting

November 3, 2016

Marion back@ Public Works

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Marion Widening back at Public Works Committee Mon Nov. 7th

If you still have concerns regarding this project and the consultants that viewed many area residents as ‘unaffected’ and the City is potentially considering to use the same consultants.

Please register by Friday 3pm with City Clerks Desk.

LOCATION: North Committee Room Council Building, 510 Main Street
TIME 1:00pm

Destiny at (204) 986-5671
Carlos at (204) 986-6631
Or by email Attn: Public Works Committee

We apologize for the last minute notice, we had requested notification and none was received by our association. Members have been checking the site daily to ensure we could give as much notice as possible.

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