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February 7, 2017

Pedestrian & Cycling projects in your community

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The City of Winnipeg is planning two pedestrian and cycling projects in your community

For More information:

Survey must be completed before Feb. 16th
Mapping tool where comments can be posted, and feedback left on comments

Happyland Park updates

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Members of the South St. Boniface Residents’ Association (SSBRA) have had their say about the future of the play structure in Happyland Park. An open house information session was held recently by the City of Winnipeg…
166 people reached
Matt Allard

Matt Allard As an update to the Happyland park project which is using 2017 PREP funding, staff have accumulated the survey responses, including the written responses and the French survey responses.

Parks staff are currently working on a proposal for the park improvements for the budget that is available and will share the proposed plan once it is put together.

Disc golf was mentioned very often in the survey responses and staff are meeting with the group tomorrow to discuss working together on upgrading the disc golf amenities at the park.

A plan and budget is currently being developed. Updates will be provided as they become available.

Thank you!


South St Boniface Residents Association
South St Boniface Residents Association Thank you. Wondering if there any kind of proposed timeline? Where will the updates be posted or will they be sent out?

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