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September 3, 2017

Minister – Soil Samples

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No statement was made by any member agreeing to wait until the full results of the report were revealed – it was not discussed at the meeting. The only statement that we recall hearing was from Dr Thompson saying these were preliminary and that more analysis was to be made – no instructions were given to anybody regarding the use of the info.

Our group sought out Dr. Shirley Thompson’s help on this issue and worked with her to have their own soil testing performed, even assisting with picking the locations they thought would be of concern. The fact our group had performed its own soil testing was not disclosed until the meeting with Deputy Minister Bruce Gray.

Our group has been bringing up resident concerns with the Department of Sustainable development since August of 2015 and many of the residents feel some of their concerns have been dismissed. We are hoping that Minister Rochelle Squires will provide the leadership necessary to correct this course.…/st-b-soil-samples-now-i…

The newly-appointed Minister of Sustainable Development said department staff will “expedite” its assessment of soil samples taken from a south St. Boniface…

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