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September 10, 2017


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Due to the concern within our area our Association is now moving to fundraise for our own independent air testing and more extensive soil testing. Residents are concerned there may be ongoing contamination, and want to know what is in the air that we breathe and the soil beneath our feet. This can be a very expensive undertaking, our association needs as much community support and involvement as possible. All funds that are raised will be directed to the University of Manitoba’s Institute for Natural Resources, for further independent research by scientists.

We hope to raise $40,000, if we exceed this amount it will present opportunities for additional testing.

•Donations online can be made to (charitable receipt is available with this option)

•Donations by cheque can be mailed to (no charitable receipt is available for this option);
South St. Boniface Residents Association
c/o Archwood Community Centre Inc.
P.O. Box 48061, Lakewood Postal Outlet,
35 Lakewood Blvd. Wpg.,MB R2J 4A3

•If you would like to make a small cash donation(no charitable receipt is available for this option);
contact our association if 4,000 people donate as little as $10, we will meet our minimum goal

Our Association also has a private donor willing to match community raised funds, up to a maximum of $5,000

What’s in the air? That’s a question that residents living around the Mission Industrial area are asking themselves daily. With the recent findings from preliminary soil testing that found elevated levels of lead, there are still more questions than answers.

The 2016 ambient air testing carried out by government agencies in the Mission Industrial area showed an elevated amount of Total Suspended Particles airborne. But there was no testing for the PM10 and PM2.5, which are of particular concern to human health. Dr. Shirley Thompson says the province should have placed the air-quality sampling equipment closer to industrial businesses and should have focused on the small airborne particles. The report was also reviewed by expert Brian W. Zelt, Ph.D., P.Eng. Zelt PSI, who concluded that the testing was poorly carried out, and failed to identify the sources.

Our Association has also recently reached out to a group in Houston who are now in the 3rd year of a 5 year study. Don Richner, an air quality expert at the city’s Health Department stated “Background levels are seldom significant when measuring a plant’s emission at the fence line, but you do have to prove it either using simultaneous sample collection upwind and downwind or by monitoring the facility from different wind directions. The first method is best.”

Dr. Shirley Thompson and Dr. Francis Zvomuya have agreed to help our area with Independent Soil, and Air testing.

Dr. Shirley Thompson
Dr. Francis Zvomuya

Charitable donations through the University can be claimed on your income tax

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